April 6, 2012

Chidori-ga-fuchi, Tokyo (April 6th)

Cherry blossoms at Chidori-ga-fuchi.

     Today we went to see cherry blossoms at Chidori-ga-fuchi.  From Kudan-shita sta. we walked by the moat seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms.  There were lots and lots of people enjoying the wonderful view.  It was not the peak yet, but it still looked amazing.  We don't really like the crowd, but it is worth visiting this site for cherry blossom season.


They look fun enjoying the cherry blossoms from the boat.


Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire).


Viola verecunda (Nyoi Sumire).


Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire) and Trigonotis peduncularis (Kyuuri-gusa).


JPPreaux said...
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JPPreaux said...

Ces floraisons sont merveilleuses, merci de nous les montrer.

bioskop said...

Thank you for your comment, JP.
Now it is nice time for cherry blossoms here in Tokyo.
I found some cherry blossom pictures on your blog, too. Are they in France?
Here the wild violet season also has come!

JPPreaux said...

Yes they are in France, in my garden !
I have several Prunus and yesterday we have made "hanami" under one named "Tai-haku" but my prefered one is P.yezoensis with a good smelling.
I know that you like very much violets. At the moment, we can find in the wild some with a strong smelling, blue or white.
In the garden I have some and will put photos on my blog. I try growing japanese ones but without a great success...We have a local one micro-endemic Viola hispida, very special.