November 28, 2009

Jindaiji Area (November 29th)

Maple trees at Jindai Botanical Garden.

We went to see fall colors at the maple garden in Jindai Botanical Garden.
We went there on November 30th last year, so we expected to see some nice fall colors there today. In the morning it was sunny so we could take lots of beautiful pictures. There is not much to explain... Just enjoy the colors!


Dahlia imperialis (Kodachi Daria).

Alcedo atthis (Kawasemi).

Soba noodles for lunch at Tama-no-ya in front of the Jindaiji gate of the botanical garden.

There are some really red maples at Jindaiji Temple.

Back to the botanical garden.

It was getting cloudy, but still it showed up nicely.

November 7, 2009

Inokashira Park & Jindai Botanical Garden (November 7th)

Chrysanthemum Water Fall at Jindai Botanical Garden.

Today we were going to go to Okutama, but when we got to the Mitaka Station, we found that there was no Okutama Holiday Special train because of some construction. So, we decided to walk to Inokashira Park and then went back home, rode the bike to Jindai Botanical Garden to see the chrysanthemum exhibition there.

Aythya fuligula (Kinkuro Hajiro) at Inokashira Park.

Aythya ferina (Hoshi Hajiro) at Inokashira Park.

Nycticorax nycticorax (Goi-sagi) at Inokashira Park.

Big chrysanthemums at Jindai Botanical Garden.
There are the kinds, which are called "Atsumono".


These are the kinds, which are called "Kudamono".


We found one little Viola japonica (Ko-sumire) flower.

Cerasus autumnalis (Juugatsu-zakura).