March 30, 2007

I Hope... (March 30)

It was raining pretty hard this morning in Tokyo, but soon it stopped and we could see beautiful blue sky. However, wind is blowing so hard! I picked up a small branch of cherry tree with bunch of flowers fallen because of this strong wind when I went out this afternoon. I hope the cherry blossoms last until comming Sunday, when we are planning to go to do Hanami at the ICU campus.

至る所、桜は満開となっているのに… 何なんでしょうこの強風!明日は雨らしいし… 何とか日曜日まで乗りきってほしいものです。(風で折れてしまった桜の一枝が路上に… 備前焼の一輪挿しにいけてせっかくのつぼみを咲かせてもらいたいと思います。)

March 28, 2007

ICU, Nogawa and Musashino Park, Mitaka (March 29th)

(Cherry blossoms, ICU campus)

It has been so warm since yesterday, so I went to see how the cherry blossoms are at ICU and Nogawa park in my neighborhood. At the ICU campus, it is near to the peak...about 70-80 % of cherry is blooming now. When I was checking around the bush to see if any morel mushrooms grow, I happend to see some Leiothrix lutea (Red-billed Leiothrix, Soushichou). It was first time for me to see that bird, so I was quite excited. Then I went to Nogawa park and found many Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou) plants there. At Musashino park the cherry blossoms are in full bloom now. Quite a few people were having Hanami party.

桜 の開花状況を確認にICUのキャンパスと野川公園、武蔵野公園へ行ってきました。ICUの桜は7、8分咲きくらい。もう見ごろですが、今週末は最高なん じゃないでしょうか。野川公園ではフデリンドウが見事です。柳の芽吹きが風に揺れて今日はとても気持ちよかったです。武蔵野公園の桜はほぼ満開です。 ICUにもソウシチョウがいたんですね。驚きです。

Leiothrix lutea (Red-billed Leiothrix, Soushichou)

Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou)

(Nogawa park)

Vicia angustifolia (Yahazu Endou or Karasu no Endou)

(Cherry, Musashino park)

(Musashino park)

Lithospermum zollingeri (Hotaru Kazura)
(Only one flower, but it's already blooming.)

March 26, 2007

Ogesawa and Mt. Kagenobu, Takao area (March 26th)

(photo 1)

(Today's course)
JR Takao Sta. - Ogesawa - missed the trail to Zarikubo - Sekiba pass - Mt. Doudokoro (731 m) - Mt. Kagenobu (727.1 m) - Kobotoke bus stop - JR Takao Sta.

We arrived at the Takao Sta. around 9:30, but today is not holiday, so only one bus runs in every hour to Kobotoke. We decided to walk for a while and turned out to get to the Hikage bus stop before the bus arrived. We found some lovely Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri) at somebody's yard at the entrance of Hikage creek. At the Ogesawa trail many kinds of violets were blooming and we found even bigger patch of Omphalodes japonica (Yama Rurisou) than we remembered. Near the gate at the middle of the trail, we missed the turn to Zarikubo trail up to Mt. Kagenobu and we ended up all the way to Sekiba pass. We had lunch there and headed to Mt. Kagenobu around 14:00. Arrived at the top of Mt. Kagenobu around 15:15 then walked down to Kobotoke bus stop. On the way down we found some Asarum (Kan Aoi) plants and lots of Cymbidium goeringii (Shunran). It seems we found more of them than we had been there before.

The flowers found at...
The Road from Hikage to Ogesawa:
Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri, photo 1),
Euphorbia sieboldiana (Natsu Toudai),
Semiaquilegia adoxoides (Himeuzu),
Arisaema limbatum (Mimigata Tennanshou).

Ogesawa Trail:
Meehania urticifolia (Rashoumon Kazura),
Corydalis pallida var. tenuis (Miyama Kikeman),
Anemone flaccida (Nirinsou, photo 2),
Omphalodes japonica (Yama Rurisou, photo 3),
Chloranthus japonicus (Hitori Shizuka, photo 4),
Scopolia japonica (Hashiri Dokoro),
Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. atrandrum (Yogore Nekonome),
Chrysosplenium album var. stamineum (Hana Nekonome),
Viola hondoensis (Aoi Sumire),
Viola yezoensis f. discolor (Takao Sumire),
Viola tokubuchiana var. takedana (Hina Sumire, photo 5),
Viola eizanensis (Eizan Sumire, photo 6),
Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire),
Viola grypoceras f. variegata (Akafu Tachitsubo Sumire, photo 7),
Viola bisseti (Nagaba no Sumire Saishin, photo 8),
Viola keiskei (Maruba Sumire),
Viola japonica (Ko Sumire, photo 9).

Mt. Kagenobu:
Asarum kooyanum var. nipponicum (Kan Aoi, photo 10),
Cymbidium goeringii (Shunran, photo 11 & 12).

Near the Kobotoke Bus Stop:
Euptelea polyandra (Fusazakura).

高 尾は小下沢へヤマルリソウを確認に出かけてきました。以前に見たときよりも分布範囲が広がっているようでした。日影のものようにピンク色系のものは見ら れず、ほとんどは空色、淡い水色系の花をつけていました。スミレ類が多種多様に見られて、エイザンスミレやナガバノスミレサイシンもそれぞれの個体でかな り違った色をしているので、歩いていてとても楽しかったです。途中、ザリクボへ折れるところを見逃して直進してしまったため、関場峠にたどり着いてしま い、予定よりも大幅に遠回りして影信山に到着しました。小仏へ下る途中、かなりの数の、しかもすこぶる健康そうなシュンランを見つけることができました。 バス停近くではフサザクラも咲き始めていました。

(photo 2)

(photo 3)

(photo 4)

(photo 5)

(photo 6)

(photo 7)

(photo 8)

(photo 9, I think it is Kosumire...It is so hard to identify the violets.)

(photo 10, not sure about what kind of Asarum this is...)

(photo 11)

(photo 12)

March 25, 2007

Cherry Blossom, Mitaka (March 25th)

We took a walk around the neighborhood in Mitaka tonight. Because of the warm weather in the past few days, cherry blossoms are popping to open suddenly. We could see about 10 - 20 % of the cherry blossoms were blooming already near the ICU campus. We might go to do Hanami at ICU next weekend.

March 22, 2007

Nogawa Park, Mitaka (March 23rd)

(photo 1)

I went to check the ICU and Nogawa park if any cherry blossoms start blooming. It is still early to see them in full bloom. Only about 5 % of their flowers are open yet. However, I found quite a few Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou, photo 1) blooming beside the Toohachi road at the Nogawa park. At the park the weeping willows are starting to sprout the young leaves and I also saw some Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri) there.

ICU は今日卒業式か何かだったようで、袴姿の女学生や初々しいスーツ姿の学生の姿が見られました。桜の方はまだ一分咲きにも満たない程度ですが、枝に よってはかなり花をつけているものも見られました。野川公園の柳は柔らかい緑の新芽をつけ、きれいな瑠璃色のフデリンドウが早くも花を咲かせていました。

(Cymbidium goeringii in Nogawa park)

(Young maple leaves)

March 21, 2007

Morel Mushrooms (March. 21st)

Last night we cooked steak with sauteed morel mushrooms, which were collected at the ICU campus. They were still small, but filled with rich flavor.


(Before they got cooked.)

March 20, 2007

ICU campus, Mitaka (March 21st)

(photo 1)

We went to see if any morel mushrooms grow at a spot in the ICU campus in our neighborhood. It has not been raining for a while, so they are still small, but it is earlier than usual. We found Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire) here and there, but it is still too early for cherry blossoms. We found also some Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou) plants with buds, however it needs more time to bloom. At the research forest we saw a waxwing, probably Bohemian Waxwing (photo 4). Lots of birds seemed to be hiding in the bush there. Magnolia kobus (Kobushi) is now at the peak.

The flowers found today:
Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire, photo 2)
Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou, their buds aren't open yet.)
Magnolia kobus (Kobushi, photo 5)
Spiraea thunbergii (Yuki Yanagi, photo 1)
Erigeron philadelphicus (Harujion, photo 3)
Mazus miquelii (Murasaki Sagigoke)
Veronica persica (Oo Inu no Fuguri)
Anemone flaccida

*We also found some Morel mushrooms.

近 所のICU(国際基督教大学)のキャンパスは思いがけずいろいろな植物を見つけることができるので、度々覗かせていただいています。今日は、キレンジャ クらしき野鳥も見ることができました。フデリンドウのつぼみはまだ固そうで、花開くのはもう少し先のようです。桜もあと一週間くらいは少なくともかかりそ うです。コブシの花が、そこここで見ごろを迎えていました。

(photo 2)

(photo 3)

(photo 4, hardly identical...)

(photo 5)

March 18, 2007

Takao Area (March 18th, Sun.)

(photo 1)

(photo 2)

(Today's course)
JR Takao Sta. (10:20) - Ochiai (10:35) - Kompira shrine (11:50) - Lunch - Jataki trail - Jataki guchi (13:40) - Takao Baigo - JR Takao Sta. (15:30)

This weekend we went to see if any Cymbidium goeringii starts blossoming in Takao area. When we got to the spot, we found a covey of Chinese Bamboo Partridges eating breakfast. On the trail up to Kompira shrine at the middle of Mt. Takao, we could find several plants with buds, but only a few of them had flowers. It was still a little early for the orchids. From the big gate on the way to Yakuoh-in temple, we took the trail down to Jataki (snake waterfall). After following the trail beside the creek, we walked down the path through the Takao Baigou (plum blossom garden area), and then back to the Takao sta. There weren't many people taking these trails, so we enjoyed quiet hiking with finding pretty many kinds of early spring flowers.

The flowers found at...
The trail to Kompira shrine:
Cymbidium goeringii
(photo 1).

Jataki area:
Anemone flaccida
Chrysosplenium album var. stamineum (Hana Nekonome, photo 2),
Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. atrandrum (Yogore Nekonome),
Viola hondoensis (Aoi Sumire),
Mitella pauciflora (Kocharumerusou).

Takao Baigou area:
Corydalis lineariloba
(Yama Engosaku, photo 4),
Gagea lutea, Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem (Kibana no Amana, photo 5),
Oxalis griffithii (Miyama Katabami, photo 3),
Anemone raddeana (Azuma Ichige),
Viola yezoensis f. discolor (Takao Sumire, photo 6).

高 尾周辺はいろいろ歩いていたつもりでしたが、蛇滝口から高尾梅郷を通り抜けるコースは実は今回初めてでした。住宅地のすぐ裏手なのにもかかわらず、比較 的狭いエリアにたくさんの種類の植物を目にすることができました。最後の最後に、早咲きのタカオスミレが見られたこともうれしい驚きでした。

(photo 3)

(photo 4)

(photo 5)

(photo 6)

March 12, 2007

Hikage, Takao Area (March 12th)

(photo 1)

(photo 2)

(Today's course) JR Takao Sta. - bus - Hikage bus stop - Hikage creek - Mt. Kobotoke Shiroyama -Kobotoke pass - Kobotoke bus stop - JR Takao Sta.

We went to check if any early spring flowers were blossoming by the Hikage creek, where we can usually see a big variety of spring flowers in this season. Hikage is the best spot to find Viola yezoensis f. discolor (Takao Sumire), but it seems it was too early still. However, we found quite a few Mitella pauciflora (Kocharumerusou) by the creek. It was pretty windy and clear day, so we could see Mt. Fuji from the top of Kobotoke Shiroyama.

The flowers found at...
Hikage creek:
Mitella pauciflora (Kocharumerusou, photo 1 & 2),
Chrysosplenium album var. stamineum (Hana Nekonome),
Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. atrandrum (Yogore Nekonome, photo 5),
Viola hondoensis (Aoi Sumire),
Omphalodes japonica (Yama Rurisou, photo 3 & 4),
Anemone raddeana (Azuma Ichige).

Mt. Kobotoke Shiroyama:
Narcissus (photo 6).


(photo 3)

(photo 4)

(photo 5)

(photo 6)

March 10, 2007

Takao Area (March 10th)

(photo 1)

(Today's course) JR Takao Sta. - Keio Takaosan-guchi Sta. - No. 6 trail - The top of Mt. Takao - No. 4 trail - No.1 trail -Keio Takaosan-guchi Sta.

On No. 6 trail Chrysosplenium album var. stamineum (Hana Nekonome) already had flowers blossoming. They are really tiny flowers, so it was hard to focus on. On the ridge near the top of Mt. Takao, we found Viola tokubuchiana var. takedana (Hina Sumire) and Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire) here and there. In the bush above the No. 4 trail we found quite a few Asarum kooyanum var. nipponicum (Kan Aoi) blooming their flowers hiding practically underneath the earth. When we came back down to the station, we had early supper at Oonoya Soba restaurant because it is now Soba Festival held around the Mt. Takao area.

The flower found at...
No. 6 trail:

Chrysosplenium album var. stamineum (Hana Nekonome, photo 1).

Near the top of Mt. Takao:
Viola tokubuchiana var. takedana (Hina Sumire),
Viola tokubuchiana var. takedana f. variegata (Fuiri Hina Sumire, photo 2),
Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire).

No. 4 trail:
Asarum kooyanum var. nipponicum (Kan Aoi, photo 3 & 4).

No. 1 trail:
Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. atrandrum (Yogore Nekonome).

今 年もハナネコノメの花が見られる季節になりました。6号路から稲荷山コースに出る辺りで、大胆な伐採の後が生々しく見られました。稜線上の日当たりが良 くなったようで、ヒナスミレがよく目に付きました。かわりにカンアオイの類はだいぶ少なくなってしまったのではないでしょうか。一方、4号路の上のやぶの 中では相変わらずカンアオイが良く育っているようでした。

(photo 2)

(photo 3)

(phot0 4)