September 29, 2007

Jindaiji, Chofu (September 29th)

Jindaiji Soba noodles at Yuusui Soba shop.

It was cloudy and misty and chilly today, so we decided to go to hot spring at Jindaiji, Chofu. We walked to there from home, and stopped by the decent Soba (buckwheat noodle) shop, Yuusui for lunch before the hot spring. The noodles were really tasty and Tempura was also great. After lunch we went to Jindaiji hot spring, Yukari and the water is really dark brown like coffee and feels a little bit slippy. After first bathing we had siesta there for 3 hours, then soak ourselves in the hot water for a while again and left for Chofu sta. to see the firework festival there. There were lots and lots of people from Chofu sta. to the Tama river, where the festival was held. It continued for 70 minutes without any break, just keeping shooting the fireworks. It was pretty amazing and beautiful. After that we walked back to the Chofu sta. in the crowd and took bus back home.

今 日は小雨 が降っていて、肌寒かったので、深大寺温泉ゆかりに行くことにしました。途中、「湧水」で天ざるをいただきました。細い麺ですが、しっかりコシ があって、角がかっきりしていて、とてもおいしいお蕎麦でした。そばで有名な深大寺ですが、意外と「あれ?」なお店が少なくない中で、ちゃんとおいしい蕎 麦が頂けるお勧めのお店です。温泉につかった後、休息所でしばし昼寝と思ったところ、3時間以上も寝込んでしまいました。 もう一度、お湯につかった後、送迎バスで調布駅まで出て、花火大会の多摩川会場へ歩いて行きました。ものすごい人だかりで圧倒されてしまったのですが、い ざ花火が始まると、思いのほかひっきりなしにあがる花火に、すっかり魅せられてしまいました。

Jidaiji Hot Spring Yukari.

Lots of shops and people and cops by the Tama river.

September 26, 2007

Oyamadai and Shimotakaido (September 27th)

Lovely sweets from AU BON VIEUX TEMPS.

Today I went to visit 2 famous sweet shops. One is AU BON VIEUX TEMPS in Oyamadai on Tokyuu Ooimachi line. And the other one is Noliette in Shimotakaido. I took bus from Chofu sta. to Futakotamagawa sta. using one-day-free pass of Odakyuu bus. Then I took trains to Oyamadai sta. At AU BON VIEUX TEMPS there were 5 or 6 younger male staff working and it has eat-in space there, too, but it seemed not so cozy for me somehow in there, so I just got some sweets for home and left for Futakotamagawa sta. From there I took train to Sangenjaya, and transferred to Tokyuu setagaya line and headed for Shimotakaido. I went to Noliette once before and I felt pretty cozy in there same as before. I didn't have lunch yet when I got there, so I had quiche of Parisien gnocchi and Gorgonzola cheeze and Kouglof sale before the sweet.

尾 山台のオーボンヴュータ ン、下高井戸のノリエットに出かけてきました。両者ともに栗を使った菓子が出ていてメニューも秋らしくなっていました。オーボン ヴュータンは初めて行ったのですが、男性スタッフたちが接客をしていました。どこかギラついたハングリーな彼らの目を見るに、きっと皆、修行中の方々なの でしょう。がんばっている人はやっぱりかっこいいと思いました。ともあれ、喫茶コーナーらしきカウンターもあったのですが、豪奢な雰囲気に圧倒されてし まって、店内をじっくり見て、菓子を購入してそそくさと退散して しまいました。一方のノリエットは以前、一度行ったことがあったので、ゆったり気兼ねせずお昼を取ることができました。ニョッキとゴルゴンゾーラのキッ シュも塩 味のクグロフもちょっと温めてくれて、すごくおいしかったです。中でも、塩味クグロフがあまりにツボにはまってしまって、お土産にも買ってしまいました。


White chocolate mousse with framboise and pistachio flavors.

The sweet named "AU BON VIEUX TEMPS".


Conversation - a piece of pear hidden in it.


Pont neuf.

Tokyuu Setagaya line (Small train from Sangenjaya to Shimotakaido).

A corner of Noliette.

Quiche and Kouglof sale.

A cake using chestnut.

Souvenir from Noliette. Olives and Framboise vineger and Kouglof sale.

September 25, 2007

Field Production Science Center of Tokyo University, Tanashi (September 26th)

Graduate school of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Tokyo university has their own farm to study.

I went to visit the Field Production Science Center of Tokyo university's graduate school in Tanashi. The farm is so big. They grow lots of kinds of plants including pretty big area for the science forrest. They also sold some product from the farm with low price. I also got some potatoes and chestnuts.

田無の東大農場に出かけてきました。東京とは思えないポプラ並木、いい感じに色あせたペ ンキ塗りの木造の建物。近所の幼稚園児たちに、トータル100人く らいはいたんじゃないでしょうか。のんびりできる人気のお散歩コースのようでした。本館の一角では、農産物の販売もしていて、ジャガイモと栗を買ってきま した。

Old-looking wood house.

Classical looking greenhouse.


Lots of rubber boots.

The paint on the wood was faiding nicely.

They have orstriches, too.

"What are you looking at?"

It didn't look like I was still in Tokyo.


Decent white building.

3 kg of potatoes = 200 yen.
1kg of chestnuts = 400 yen.

Huge chestnuts!

The chestnuts were cooked in syrop at home.

September 24, 2007

Kinchakuda, Hidaka city, Saitama (September 24th)

Red carpet of cluster amaryllis.

Today we went to Kinchakuda at Hidaka city, Saitama. We walked to there from Koma Sta. on Seibu Chichibu line. The station and the area seems pretty small, but today there were filled with lots and lots of people to visit because this place is so famous for its huge patch of Lycoris radiata (Higanbana or Manjushage) and now it is best season to see those flowers. The area where Lycoris radiata flowers at Kinchakuda was much bigger than I expected. The whole area covered with the red flowers looked so misterious. The place had also nice patch of lotus and cosmos. They let us pick up 20 stems of cosmos flowers to take back home with the cost of only 200 yen, which will be used for keeping the place. I got some cosmos flowers too, and actually 20 stems are pretty a lot! Now our living room looks like small version of the cosmos field.

埼玉県日高市の巾着田に曼珠沙華の群落を見に出かけてきました。噂には聞いていたのですが、見事な群落を見ることが出来ました。さすがに、おそらく普段は 静かな小さな高麗駅周辺も、今のシーズンばかりは沢山の人でごった返していました。コスモスも見頃をむかえていて、わずか200円ではさみを貸してくれて 20本、自分で切って持ち帰れるということで、自分もしっかりいただいてきました。

Lycoris radiata (Higanbana or Manjushage)

Isn't it amazing?

The leaves coming yet until after flowering.

Only a few white ones out there.

Lotus field.


September 15, 2007

Showa Kinen Park, Nishi Tachikawa (September 15th)

Cosmos (, which is named "Happy Ring".)

Today we went to Showa Kinen Park at Nishi Tachikawa to see if any cosmos flowers are blooming yet. That park has pretty big area for cosmos flowers, which we knew when we went to there before. At the main area for cosmos they aren't blooming yet, but one kind called "Happy Ring" was already in peak. When we saw the flowers there we could sense the season switching from summer to autumn. Some sunflowers still remained blossoming, and red dragonflies were flying at the same time...

西立川から国営昭和記念公園へ出かけてきました。咲いている花や昆虫たちの様子を見ていると夏の終わりから秋のはじまりのこの時期を、そのまま体感するこ とが出来ます。セミが最期の声をふりしぼって鳴いているかと思えば、赤とんぼがもう飛び始めています。名残のひまわりが青空にまぶしく咲いているかと思え ば、コスモスが風に揺れています。まだ、ここのコスモスは一種類だけが見頃を迎えているといった状況でした。また来月の初めあたりに来れたらと思います。

Small waterlily

Horse chestnut (Tochi no mi)


Sleeping cat

Bonsai garden

Lycoris traubii (Shouki Zuisen)

Habenaria radiata (Sagi sou)

Cortaderia selloana (Panpasu gurasu)


Red dragonfly