November 18, 2007

Mt. Takao (November19th)

Momiji-dai near the summit of Mt. Takao.
The colorful leaves were bright through the sun shine.

Today I went to Mt. Takao. There were quite a few people visiting there even on Monday. At the summit you can see lots of red and yellow maple trees.


Tripterospermum japonicum (Tsuru Rindou)

Mt. Fuji from Momiji-dai.

Red maple leaves at the summit of Mt. Takao.

I went down the mountain using the chair lift.

I had lunch at the Soba noodle restaurant, Sakae-jaya. They make noodles by themselves.


Mukashi Michi, Okutama (November 17th)

Autumn colors at the Okutama Lake area.

Today we went to see the autumn colors at the Okutama area. We took the bus from Okutama sta. to Okutamako bus stop, then walked down the old trail called Mukashi-michi to Sakaibashi bus stop. Then we took the bus back to the station and went to the hot spring.

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Nobudou)

As soon as we started the old trail, we found some persimmons eaten by somebody on the road...

It was a wild monkey which ate the persimmons!

Okutama Lake is actually a dam built to save the water for people living in Tokyo.

The view from Sakaibashi bridge.

ICU Mitaka Campus (November 14th)

You can find some autumn colors now here in Mitaka. I went to ICU campus in my neighborhood today. One maple tree changed the colors beautifully in the Japanese garden there.

November 9, 2007

Institute for Nature Study, National Science Museum (November 8th)

Quercus acuta (Akagashi)

Today I went to The Institute of Nature Science, National Science Museum at the Shirokane area in Tokyo. The place preserves the original environment of Tokyo at the middle of the cities of central Tokyo. It is pretty amazing that we could see such a pretty nice forest in city side of Tokyo. They even keeps the marsh where lots of kinds of plants grow, too. On the way home, I stopped by the bakery, PAUL at the Yotsuya sta. and the sweets shop, StefanoAnna at Kichijoji.


Castanopsis (Shii)

Aphananthe aspera (Muku no Ki)

Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki) at the marsh.

Aeginetia indica (Nanban Giseru)

Pan de campagne and apple pie from PAUL at Yotsuya.

StefanoAnna in Kichijoji.

The sweets from "StefanoAnna" in Kichijoji. The big one is called "Fagottino", which contains pretty rich Fran-like stuff with lots of nuts and raisins and apples covered with pie. Other small sweets also tastes pretty good.

Jindaiji, Chofu (November 7th)

Beautiful blue sky for the last day of autumn on the Japanese calendar.

Today I went to see the chrysanthemum exhibition at Jindai Botanical garden. There were more chrysanthemum flowers than the one I saw at Shinjuku Gyoen Park the other day. Each flowers were pretty beautiful but the way to display them didn't look like as elegant as the one at Shinjuku Gyoen. The maple leaves were just barely starting to change the colors there. We have to wait a little more to see nice autumn color around here in Tokyo. After that, of course I went to eat some Soba noodles at Yuusui Soba shop. It tastes always good!


Waterfall of chrysanthemums.

Miniature cyclamen started to bloom...

Autumn colors of waterlily leaves.

Maple leaves just started to change into yellow.

Citrus tachibana (Tachibana). This plant's flower is used as my family's crescent.

For lunch I ate Yuusui Soba, Vegetables Tempura and Soba Tofu.

I stopped by the JA Mitaka on the way home. They sell lots of vegetables and flowers grown by the hands of the local farmers. I made the chicken meatball soup with a hint of Yuzu citron flavor.

November 3, 2007

Kawanori Valley, Okutama (November 3rd)

Autumn color on the way to Hyakuhiro waterfall.

Today's course:
JR Okutama sta. - by bus - Kawanoribashi bus stop - on foot - Hyakuhiro waterfall -Kawanoribashi -Okutama sta.

Today we went to Okutama to see how the autumn color at the Kawanori area came out. It was pretty cloudy and hard to see the mountains with haze. It was not the peak of the autumn color yet, but we could see quite good colors here and there in the mountains.


Hyakuhiro waterfall.

Blue sky and autumn colors.

Gentiana scabra var. buergeri (Rindou)

Near the Okutama sta.