September 22, 2009

Hida Takayama, Gifu (September 22nd) 《Day 5》

Hida Takayama Tenshou-ji YH.

After coming back from Shirakawa-gou to Takayama, we walked around the Takayama town and headed to the youth hostel, which is run by a temple. The hostel was pretty big and comfortable. There were lots of foreigners staying. There are some streets with old buildings in Takayama. Those must attract those visitors from foreign countries. When we came back to Tokyo, we took the highway bus and were caught in the traffic jam, so it took about 9 hours to get there.

The inside of the hostel.

Gyuu-man (a bun with Hida beef). (牛まん)

The inside of Gyuu-man. It tastes pretty good.

Chuuka-soba Kajibashi, a Ramen shop we had early supper when we got to Takayama.
We didn't have to wait, but after we came out, there was a long line of people waiting!

Hida Beef Ramen...The slices of beef was so tasty!

The Yakisoba shop, Chitose, we had second supper at Takayama.

Meat Yakisoba with egg.

Squid Yakisoba. 味付けが見た目よりあっさりしていました。ボリュームたっぷりです。

Takumi-ya Yasukawa-ten (匠家安川店).
The meet shop selling Hida beef which runs also the restaurants in the same building.

Fillet Steak Donburi...They use the finest Hida beef and it tasted wonderful!
It was so tender and juicy!

This dish was the best meal during this trip.

A bending machine of fishing bait...I had never seen one like this before.

Sky-blue morning glories... They have the same kind of flowers in front of the shops at the old-looking sections of the town.



There were lots of Sake breweries in the small area of Takayama.
We tasted some of them and they said that the most Sake they make there is dry one.

The pagoda at Kokubunji temple.

The town has 2 street markets.

Near the youth hostel there are lots of decent temples and most of them have nice gardens, too.

A temple at the Higashiyama area.

Osmanthus fragrans var. aurantiacus (Kinmokusei).

The traffic jam on the way back home.

The Bentou we had on the bus.
Touge-no-Kamameshi (峠の釜飯)is one of the most famous Eki-ben (the bentou sold at the stations).

The Bentou was delicious!

September 21, 2009

Shirakawagou, Gifu (September 21st) 《Day 4》

Hida Hosoe Sta.
The owner of the YH drove us to the station after breakfast.

We went to Takayama Sta. by train in the morning and took bus from there to Shirakawa-gou, where we had wanted to visit for several years. Near the place, there was a traffic jam and it took 2 hours or so from Takayama Sta. There were lots of visitors there. We saw quite a few old grass-roof houses. After looking around the area, we were back to the Takayama area and stayed at Tenshou-ji YH run by a temple, which was really nice and comfortable with hot bath and clean toilet.

《Day 4》
Hida Hosoe Sta. (7:34) - by train - Takayama Sta. (8:02 - 8:50) - by bus - Shirakawagou (10:45 - 14:50) - by bus - Takayama Sta. (16:40) - Hida Takayama Tenshou-ji YH.

Hida Hosoe Sta.
From Inotani Sta. the JR company changes from JR West to JR Toukai.

The train from Hida Hosoe to Takayama.

Takayama Sta.

Grass-roof houses in Shirakawagou.

Lots of visitors.

The rice fields were beautiful with yellow color.

Myozenji Temple.

Myozenji Temple.

Myozenji Museum.

Houba-miso, the sweet Miso cooked on the leaf of Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, which is one of the local food around this area.

Trouts were in the canals.

You can see the inside of the grass-roof house, too.

Lines of people on the bridge at Shirakawagou.