August 12, 2009

Aomori to Miyako, Iwate (August 12th) 《Summer Trip Day 11》

The express "Hamanasu" arrived at Honshu early in the morning.

We didn't have any plan for the rest of our trip. We took the Japan Sea side on the way up from Tokyo, so we decided to take the Pacific Ocean side down to Tokyo.
After arriving at Aomori Sta. we took the train to Hachinohe, and then took the Hachinohe line to Kuji Sta. From there we took Sanriku Tetsudou line. On the way to Miyako Sta. we got off the train and took the bus to see the beautiful coast. At Miyako Sta. we stayed at Suehiro-kan YH, which we reserved on that day at Hachinohe.

The express "Hamanasu".

Noheji Station on the way to Hachinohe.

Hachinohe Station.

Hachinohe Station.

The train we took to Kuji station.

The train "Umineko" of Hachinohe line to Kuji station.

Apple juice... Aomori is famous for its apples!

Koyama Senbei bought at Hachinohe station.
Pistachio tastes pretty good!

Hachinohe is famous for its squid.

Hachinohe line running by the coast... The sea breeze felt really nice!

The seashore was right there!

We saw quite a few surfers, too.


Kuji Station.

Kuji Station.

Kuji Station of Sanriku Tetsudou line.
From here we took the line run by a different company from JR.

The Soba shop in the station.

Scallop Soba noodles and Grilled Miso rice ball.

On the way to Miyako Station.

We got off the train at Fudai Station, and took the small bus run by the village to Kita Yamazaki.

Lilium maculatum (Sukashi Yuri) found at Kita Yamazaki.
They call Hamayuri around there.

Kita Yamazaki.

Kita Yamazaki.

Kita Yamazaki.

Local line got only one car.

The inside of the hostel at Miyako.

August 11, 2009

Back to Honshu Island (August 11th) 《Summer Trip Day 10》

The Daisetsuzan YH has hot spring, too!
I got up early in the morning and took this picture.

We first planned to stay at this hostel one night, but they had nice food and hot spring baths, so we ended up to stay one more night. This day we went back to Honshu Island... We were in Hokkaido for a week. We definitely want to come to this place again!

Here is the picture of another bath of the YH.

The Mt. Asahidake Cable Car.
Can you see the workers on the roof?

Another Asahikawa Ramen!
We had lunch at Baikouken near the station.
We had soy sauce soup one with slices of pork. We had tried 3 different Ramen shops at Asahikawa, and this one is my favorite of all.

We didn't have to wait so long, but when we came out of the shop, there were lots of people in line!

Another line here... This one is the line of people waiting for the express train "Hamanasu" in the Sapporo station.

The express "Hamanasu" from Sapporo to Aomori.

Another sign of the express "Hamanasu".

August 10, 2009

Mt. Daisetsu, Part 3 (August 10th) 《Summer Trip Day 9》

Near the top of Mt. Asahidake.

Here are the panorama pictures taken at the Mt. Daisetsu area.

The view from the top of Mt. Akadake.

Mt. Kumagatake area.

Amazing view, eh?

Mt. Daisetsu, Part 2 (August 10th) 《Summer Trip Day 9》

Dicentra peregrina (Komakusa).

Here are more pictures taken at Mt. Daisetsu.

Viola crassa (Takane Sumire) on the way to Mt. Mamiyadake from Mt. Asahidake.
The flowers finished already... It must be amazing when all those plants have yellow flowers!

Dicentra peregrina (Komakusa).

Saxifraga laciniata (Kumoma Yukinoshita).

Dicentra peregrina (Komakusa).

Stellaria nipponica (Iwa Tsume-kusa).

Campanula lasiocarpa (Iwa-gigkyou).

Campanula lasiocarpa (Iwa-gigkyou).
We found white ones, too.

The junction of the way to Nakadake Hot Spring and Mt. Nakadake.

The view on the way to Nakadake Hot Spring.

Arnica unalaschcensis (Ezo Usagi-giku).

Linnaea borealis (Rinne-sou).

Linnaea borealis (Rinne-sou).
The inside of the flowers is beautiful!

Linnaea borealis (Rinne-sou).

When I was taking pictures of Linnaea borealis (Rinne-sou), Daniel found a strange black spot far away from the trail... Can you tell?
It was a bear!

There was still snow left here and there.

Looking down on the Nakadake Hot Spring.

Nakadake Hot Spring.
Somebody dug the small bath.

No one was actually bathing in the bath, but we, of course, got naked and enjoyed the bath.

Caltha palustris var. barthei (Ezo-no-ryuukinka).

Primula cuneifolia (Ezo Ko-zakura).

Primula cuneifolia (Ezo Ko-zakura).

Caltha palustris var. barthei (Ezo-no-ryuukinka).

Caltha palustris var. barthei (Ezo-no-ryuukinka).

Primula cuneifolia (Ezo Ko-zakura).

Polygonum bistorta (Ibuki Tora-no-o).

Pseudolysimachion schmidtianum subsp. senanense (Miyama Kuwagata).

Cirsium pectinellum var. alpinum (Miyama Sawa Azami).

Primula cuneifolia (Ezo Ko-zakura).

Geum pentapetalum (Chinguruma).
There were lots of them covering the field.

Primula cuneifolia (Ezo Ko-zakura).

Phyllodoce caerulea (Ezo-no-Tsuga-zakura).

Harrimanella stelleriana (Jimukade).

Gentiana triflora var. japonica subvar. montana (Ezo Oyama-rindou).

Geum pentapetalum (Chinguruma).

Solidago virgaurea var. leiocarpa (Miyama Aki-no-kirin-sou).

Tamias sibiricus lineatus (Ezo Shima-risu).

Tamias sibiricus lineatus (Ezo Shima-risu).

Back to the Sugatami-daira area.

Reflection on the Sugatami pond.

Pretty big ropeway car.

Tonight's supper at YH.