March 5, 2010

Kyodo-no-mori Park, Bubaigawara (March 5th)

Cerasus lannesiana (Kawazu Zakura) on the way to Kyodo-no-mori Park from Koremasa Sta.

We went to Kyodo-no-mori Park in Fuchuu city to see some plum blossoms.
It was Friday, but quite a few older people were there. It was really warm here in Tokyo today, actually it was so hot that we both just wore only T-shirt until the sun was setting.

Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri).

Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri).
We found in the park.

Cymbidium goeringii (Shunran).

Cornus officinalis (Sanshuyu) and honeybee.

Prunus mume "Fuji Botan Shidare". 「藤牡丹枝垂」

Prunus mume "Shirokaga" & "Beni Chidori". 「白加賀」と「紅千鳥」

Prunus mume "Bungo". 「豊後」

Prunus mume "Kenkyou". 「見驚」

Prunus mume "Bungo". 「豊後」
I like this kind best. It has nice fragrance and it reminds me of the plum blossom in the yard of my hometown.

Prunus mume "Kuroda-bai". 「黒田梅」

Prunus mume "Kuroda-bai". 「黒田梅」
This one was also beautiful! The flower nearly looks like a rose.

Prunus mume "Bungo". 「豊後」

Prunus mume "Bungo". 「豊後」

Prunus mume "Omoi no mama". 「思いのまま」
This kind has pink and white flowers in a tree.

We found some Crocus flowers in the park, too.

Prunus mume "Bungo". 「豊後」

Prunus mume "Bungo". 「豊後」


jpPréaux said...

My Prunus mume is flowering at the same time in France. P.mume "Beni-chidori".The flowers are beautiful and the perfume is delicate. I have another one called ""Omoi-no-mama", a double one but to small for flowering now. These trees are not common at all in my country. I have never got fruits from them...

jpPréaux said...
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bioskop said...

It is pretty amazing that you grow some Prunes mume trees in France. There is a big nice Plum garden in Tokyo. So, we are going to go there in a few weeks.
Here in Tokyo, it will be soon the nice season to go out to the mountains to find some violets, too.