March 21, 2010

Jindai Botanical Garden (March 21st)

Cerasus x kanzakura "Oh-kanzakura" (Oo-kan-zakura).

Today we were first going to Takao to see if any spring flowers were growing yet, but it was not sunny and the wind was really strong since yesterday, so we ended up going to Jindai Botanical Garden in Chofu. Some of the cherries were already blooming there. We found the pretty nice patch of Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri), too.


Anemone pseudoaltaica (Kikuzaki Ichige).
They have purple ones like this in this garden. You can see something like this originally at the snowy area such as the Touhoku regions and Niigata prefecture, etc.

Magnolia kobus (Kobushi).
It smells nice and sweet.

Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri).

Cerasus x kanzakura "Oh-kanzakura" (Oo-kan-zakura).
Lots of flowers were fallen on the ground because of the strong wind since yesterday.

Sapindus mukurossi (Mukuroji).
There were lots of them on the ground because of the strong wind.

Prunus persica (Hana Momo).

Magnolia kobus (Kobushi).

Cerasus campanulata (Kan-hi-zakura).

Prunus persica (Hana Momo).

Cerasus spachiana f. spachiana (Ito-zakura or Shidare-zakura).

Cerasus x yedoensis "Jindai-akebono" (Jindai Akebono). 「神代曙」
Not sure about the latin name...there are several of them on the Internet.

Brassica rapa (Aburana or Nanohana).

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