March 30, 2010

Nogawa Park & ICU (March 30th)

Weeping willow trees in Nogawa Park now has beautiful leaves.

We went to Nogawa Park and the ICU campus.
We found lots of Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire), but it was still early for the cherry blossoms. It will be nice next weekend.

Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire).

Chelidonium japonicum (Yamabuki-sou).

Veronica didyma var. lilacina (Inu-no-fuguri).
This is much smaller than Veronica persica (Oo-inu-no-fuguri).

Viola keiskei (Maruba Sumire).

Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou) in ICU.

Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou).

Maple trees have now beautiful young leaves.

Viola grypoceras f. variegata (Aka-fu Tachitsubo Sumire) in ICU.

Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire).

Prunus jamasakura (Yama-zakura) in ICU.

The cherry blossoms in ICU.

Cerasus spachiana f. spachiana (Ito-zakura).

Morchella esculenta var. esculenta (Amigasa-take).
We found lots of them and we cooked them with steak for supper.


jpPréaux said...

Take care with these mushroms. They must be cooked a long time and high ? If not they are very poisonous. I have friends who had big problems with them because not enough cooked !
I hope that you knew.

bioskop said...

Thank you for the information. I found that they are poisonous if they aren't cooked. I always cook with lots of butter until the juice from the mushroom disappears. And also try not to eat too much.