March 29, 2010

Shinjuku Gyoen (March 29th)

Cherry "Someiyoshino".

We went to Shinjuku Gyoen to see some cherry blossoms. It was a little too early for the peak but several kinds of them were already blooming. Unfortunately it started to rain a bit and it was pretty cold all day.

Prunus x yedoensis cv. Amerika.

The white flower one... Probably Cerasus speciosa (Ooshima-zakura).

Cerasus speciosa (Ooshima-zakura).

The white one is probably Cerasus speciosa (Ooshima-zakura) & the pink one is Prunus cv. Youkou (=Prunus x yedoensis cv. Amagai-yoshino x P. campanulata) (Youkou, 陽光).

Prunus cv. Youkou.

Prunus cv. Youkou.

Prunus jamasakura cv. Kenrokuen-kumagai x P. campanulata (Yokohama Hi-zakura).

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