March 18, 2010

Hakuba Goryuu Area, Nagano (March 13th)

Past midnight at Tachikawa Sta. waiting for the rapid train, The Moonlight Shinshuu, bound for Hakuba, Nagano.

We took a midnight rapid train, The Moonlight Shinshuu, for the first time to go to see some snowy scenery in Hakuba, Nagano. If you use the JR's Seishun-18 ticket, you can go there within 3000 yen!

Today's course:
Musashisakai Sta. (23:54 ~ 0:08) Tachikawa Sta. (0:29 ~ The Rapid Moonlight Shinshuu ~ 5:34) Kamishiro Sta. (6:10 ~ 6:25) Hakuba Goryuu Escal Plaza (8:15 ~ Goryuu Telecabin (a gondola)) Alps-daira Sta. ~ Snowshoe hiking ~ Jizou-no-kashira ~ back to Kamishiro Sta. (12:35 ~ JR Ooito Line ~ 12:41) Hakuba Sta. ~ walk 15 minutes or so to Happou Spa "Mimizuku-no-yu" and bathe ~ Hakuba Sta. (16:10 ~ bus ~ 16:37) Tsugaike-kougen BS ~ walk 20 minutes or so to the YH.

The Rapid Moonlight Shinshuu arriving at Tachikawa Sta.

The outside of Kamishiro Sta.

We rented snowshoes. It was first time for me to use these.
It was tougher than I thought.

The Hakuba area has lots of skiing places.

It was snowing and raining, so we couldn't see much.

It would have been really pretty if it hadn't been snowing.

Soba for lunch at the restaurant near Kamishiro Sta.

Kamishiro Sta.
The driver was kind enought to take us to the Soba restaurant by bus.

Ooito Line.

Happou Spa "Mimizuku-no-Yu".
The water's PH is nearly 12! Pretty strong alkali, so the water felt slippery.

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