March 19, 2010

Tsugaike Shizen-en, Hakuba (March 14th)

Youth Hostel we stayed.

Here are the pictures taken on the second day of our Hakuba Trip.
When we got to the ticket selling place of Tsugaike Gondola and Ropeway, there were already long lines of people waiting. The gondola was longer than I thought... It took 20 minutes or so to get to the top. From there we took the ropeway (another gondola, actually) and we got to the Tsugaike Shizen-en park. When we got there, it was covered with thick clouds, so we could see nothing but white, but in a while the clouds cleared up! We enjoyed the beautiful scenery with blue sky and white mountains.

From the inside of the gondola.

The top station of the gondola.

Walked 5 minutes to the ropeway station.

Here is the ropeway.

Near the Tsugaike Shizen-en.

The blue sky started to appear.

You need to use ski or snowshoe... We didn't use either, though...
It was pretty hard.

Parus ater (Higara).

Misterious scenery.

Here is the panorama!

Surrounded by the beautiful white mountains!

The view from the entrance of Hakuba station.

The foot bath beside the Hakuba station.
It uses the water from Happou Spa.

The view from the Azusa, the train we took to be back home.

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