April 1, 2007

Hanami at Musashino Park (April 1st)

(ICU campus)

I went cherry blossom viewing with my friend at Musashino park. On the way to get there, we stopped by the ICU campus and Nogawa park. The cherry blossoms were all in full bloom and even starting to fall, which is so beautiful. We also found many Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou) flowers blooming at all of the ICU, Nogawa park and Musashino park. We had lunch under one of the cherry blossoms at Musashino park. I made Bento for today and ate it with Sake. We got a little drunken and had nice time viewing the cherry blossoms.

今 日はお花見に行ってきました。ICUも野川公園も武蔵野公園も、どこもたくさんの人でにぎわっていました。桜は満開を通りこして、はらはら花びらが舞い散 りはじめていてとても素敵でした。昨日から仕込んでおいたお弁当をおいしいお酒と一緒にいただきました。久しぶりに日本酒を呑んでほろ酔い気分を存分に楽 しむ ことができました。

Leibnitzia anandria (Senbon'yari)

Bento for lunch:
Sweeten Soy sauce flavored boiled vegetables,
Chicken meatballs grilled with Welsh onion and green pepper,
Grilled eel rolled with egg in flavor of Japanese honewort and Japanese prickly ash,
Bamboo shoot riceballs.

(Ornamental peach at Musashino park)

(Cherry at Musashino park)

(Musashino park)


jannx said...

Hello Kazuya. This is Joel (Daniel's Mitaka neighbor from a couple of years ago). Welcome to the Bloggersphere. You have posted very nice photos, and a very nice looking bento. Thanks for sharing. Joel

bioskop said...

Hello, Joel. Thanks for commenting. We hope you are doing fine there. Have a nice vacation.

Parhelion House said...

Beautiful cherry tree photo. I just found your blog from the CreateSpace community forum. Wonderful books, great food photos --makes me very hungry.

bioskop said...

Thank you for your comment.
I haven't noticed your comment till now.
We are living in Alaska now, so I hope you also like some pictures from there, too.
Thanks again!