April 30, 2007

Haha no Shirataki, Kawaguchiko (April 30th)

Waterfall named Haha no Shirataki near Kawaguchi lake.

Today's course:
Kawaguchiko YH - Kawaguchiko sta. - by bus - Kawaguchi-kyoku-mae busstop - walked up to Haha no Shirataki waterfall -back to Kawaguchi Sengen shrine - Hot spring named Tensui -by bus - Kawaguchiko sta. - by trains - home.

For the last day of traveling around Kawaguchiko area, we were originally planned to hike up to Mt. Mitsutouge, but we noticed it was still too early for flowers up on the ridges of the mountains around there from the hike on Mt. Kurotake the day before, we decided to change our plan and went to see if any Viola mirabilis var. subglagra (Ibuki Sumire) beside the creek from Haha no Shirataki waterfall. I didn't expected we could see them so easy but actually we found some of them just in a while after we started the trail. However, we couldn't find the trail we wanted first and turned out to follow the car road up to the waterfall. The waterfall is much bigger and more interesting than I expected. From there, we could finally follow the trail right beside the creek and found lots of Viola mirabilis var. subglagra (Ibuki Sumire) plants. It was first time for us to see them, so we got excited and took bunch of the pictures. They spread pretty good at the area all the way down to the shrine, so at some of the place the violets were just starting and at the some of the place they were in peak, and at the other the flowers were nearly finishing. This violet has an interesting character. After flowering, the stem grows and the leaves comes out right beside the seed... It is hard to explain, but you can tell something weird is happening when you see some of the pictures after flowering below.

河口湖の旅、最終日は、予定を変更して母の白滝へ。もともとのは三つ峠 でゲンジスミレを探すという無謀な計画があったのですが、昨日の御坂周辺のハイクで 予想以上にこの辺は春が遅いらしいことに気が付いたのと、ちょっと歩くのは疲れてしまったので楽をしたいという怠け心から予定を変更したのでした。この辺 りでイブキスミレを見たという情報をネットで見つけたことがあったので、密かには狙っていたのですが、今回ようやく確かめに行くことができました。登り は、河口浅間神社から道を誤って車道をたどる羽目になったのですが、歩き始めて早々、早くもイブキスミレを見つけてしまいました。思っていたよりも大きめ でしっかりとした印象のスミレでした。その後、車道沿いにはタチツボスミレやらイカリソウやらが咲いていて、滝に一時間ほどでたどり着くと、そこにはナガ バノスミレサイシンが咲いていました。滝自体も想像していた以上に見ごたえのある立派な滝で、ここから、ようやっと沢沿いの道を見つけて下ることができま した。この沢沿いがイブキスミレの宝庫で、沢山の株が沢沿いに元気よく育っていました。場所によりこれから花のところもあれば、まさに花が咲いている箇所 もあり、もう終わりかけという場所もあって、このスミレの特徴である「花期の後、茎が伸びる」ということを目で実感することができました。

Viola bisseti (Nagaba no Sumire saishin)

Viola mirabilis var. subglagra (Ibuki Sumire)

Viola mirabilis var. subglagra (Ibuki Sumire)

This one is nearly finishing the flower. See a leaf is coming up to the flower.

The leaves coming all the way up to the bottom of the spur after flowering.

Viola mirabilis var. subglagra (Ibuki Sumire) after flowering.

This one is also after flowering.




This one looks like a little bouquet.

Beautifuly shaped leaves and flowers.

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