March 30, 2007

I Hope... (March 30)

It was raining pretty hard this morning in Tokyo, but soon it stopped and we could see beautiful blue sky. However, wind is blowing so hard! I picked up a small branch of cherry tree with bunch of flowers fallen because of this strong wind when I went out this afternoon. I hope the cherry blossoms last until comming Sunday, when we are planning to go to do Hanami at the ICU campus.

至る所、桜は満開となっているのに… 何なんでしょうこの強風!明日は雨らしいし… 何とか日曜日まで乗りきってほしいものです。(風で折れてしまった桜の一枝が路上に… 備前焼の一輪挿しにいけてせっかくのつぼみを咲かせてもらいたいと思います。)

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