April 30, 2007

Misaka Kurodake Area, Kawaguchiko (April 29th)

Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchi Lake from the viewspot near the top of Mt. Kurodake.

Today's course:
Kawaguchiko YH - Kawaguchiko sta. - by bus - Tenkachaya busstop -Mt. Misaka - Misaka Pass - Mt. Kurodake - Mt. Hafu - Shindou Pass - Ooishi busstop - by bus - Kawaguchiko sta. - back to the hostel.

For the second day at the Kawaguchiko area, we hiked the trail on the ridge of the moutains at the north of Kawaguchi lake. There was no single clound in the morning and we could see beautiful and clear view of Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchi lake down to the one side from the trail on the ridge and the snowed ridges of South Alps, Mt. Yatsugatake and even North Alps down to the other side. It was still to early for flowers to bloom on that ridge, so we couldn't find any violets except some Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire), but on the way to Mt. Misaka we found one flower of Viola yazawana (Hime Sumire Saishin), and on the way to Mt. Korodake we found one Viola collina (Ezo Aoi Sumire) flower. Both of those we saw for the first time and we didn't expect see them there, so it was pretty exciting. Most of the other hikers passing didn't even care of them, though... We are getting crazy about the violets...
One the way to Mt. Kurodake we also saw some leaves of Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri), but it was still too early so there wasn't even single flower bud comming out yet.
From Shindou pass, we walked down to Ooishi area beside Kawaguchi lake. On the trail from the pass we found Viola orientalis (Kisumire) flowers here and there once again. No matter how many pictures I had taken at Asagiri on the day before, I took bunch of the pictures of them again. Because they are so cute flowers... Don't you think so?

河口湖YH滞在、2日目は、天下茶屋から御坂山、御坂峠、黒岳、破風山、新道峠から大石へ下るコースを歩きました。こ の辺りはまだまだ春が遅いらしく、タ チツボスミレも転々と咲いている程度で、花らしい花はほとんど見当たりませんでした。が、御坂山への登りでヒメスミレサイシンを1輪、黒岳へ向かう途中、 エゾアオイスミレを1輪見つけることができました。両方ともお初だったので、たった2輪の花ですが自分としてはかなり満足でした。何といってもこの日は雲 ひとつない快晴だったので、富士も綺麗に見られましたし、南アルプスも八ヶ岳も遠く北アルプスまで見渡すことができました。新道峠から大石へ下るスイッチ バックの繰り返しでは、愛らしいキスミレにまたもお目にかかることができました。

Viola yazawana (Hime Sumire Saishin)

Viola yazawana (Hime Sumire Saishin)

Viola collina (Ezo Aoi Sumire)

Viola orientalis (Kisumire)

Cute little flower looks like the face of a red panda.

This one wants to look up the sky.

It is so bright in the sun shine.

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