April 13, 2007

Mazukari Ridge, Hinohara village (April 13th)

Aya waterfall (綾滝)

Today's course:
JR Musashi Itsukaichi Sta. - by bus - Senzoku busstop - Tengu waterfall - Aya waterfall - climbed up to the ridge - Tsuzura rock - had lunch and then walked up and down on the ridge - Mt. Tsuruashi - Mt. Mazukari - Mt. Koumyou - Gundou busstop - Juurigi busstop - by bus - JR Musashi Itsukaichi Sta.

Today we went to see some waterfalls at Hinohara village far west in Tokyo. We have visited Hossawa waterfall in this area once before, and the local people told us there are lots of waterfalls in this area. There were lots of violets on the trail and at the Tsuzura rock we found Viola sieboldi (Fumoto Sumire) flowers. It has lovely purplish pink spur and their leaves are purplish on the back. On the way to Mt. Tsuruashi we also found some plants with pinkish buds spreading on the shady side of the ridge. I looked around and then found some open flowers of them. They were Shortia uniflora (Iwa Uchiwa), which we saw for the first time. It was a little bigger than I expected. It was a little early for them to bloom, so you will be able to see more of that flower in a few weeks or so.

払沢の滝入り口から少し先へ行った千足バス停から、天狗滝、綾滝を見に行ってきました。つづら岩までの杉林の下ではナガバノスミレサイシンやヒナスミレ、 エイザンスミレなどが見られました。つづら岩ではフモトスミレが控えめに可憐な花を咲かせていました。馬頭刈尾根を軍道バス停方面に下っていく途中、思い がけずイワウチワの群落を見つけることができました。

Viola eizanensis (Eizan Sumire) beside the Tengu waterfall.

Viola bisseti (Nagaba no Sumire saishin)

Viola bisseti (Nagaba no Sumire saishin)

Viola sieboldi (Fumoto Sumire) at the Tsuzura rock.

See the lovely color of their spurs.

They are pretty small violets like Viola violacea (Shihai Sumire).

The ones living around here mostly got the variegated leaves.

The backside of their leaves are purplish.

Polygala japonica (Hime hagi) at the Tsuzura rock.

The pink bud found one the way to Mt. Tsuruashi.

Shortia uniflora (Iwa Uchiwa)


jannx said...

Very nice waterfall, and very interesting flowers.

Anonymous said...

おひさしぶりです。ダニエルのメールを読み、やって来ました。なかなか見ごたえがありますね!和/英併記の日記も、手間をかけてますね(僕には出来ません。。) Say hello to Daniel! -Kensuke-

bioskop said...

To jannx:
Thank you. We went out for hiking today and found more plants. I'll upload those pictures soon.

To Kensuke-san: