April 15, 2007

Ogouchi Pass to Mt. Gozen, Okutama (Part 1) (April 15th)

Viola rossi (Akebono Sumire)

Today's course:
JR Okutama Sta. - by bus - Okutamako busstop - walked by the southside shore of the lake - Ogouchi Pass - Mt. Sougaku - Mt. Gozen - Sakaibashi busstop - JR Okutama Sta. - stopped by the hot spring - back home.

Today we went to Mt. Gozen to see if any Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri) flowers came out yet and to try to find some different kinds of violets. We took the trail up to Ogouchi pass for the first time, which was longer trail than we expected. And it was still too early for Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri) blooming season, so we could find only several open flowers of them. There were lots of leaves, so you will be able to see them in 10 days or so. However, we could find 2 more kinds of interesting violets near the Ogouchi pass. At first, here you can see the one of them, Viola rossi (Akebono Sumire).

カ タクリの開花状況を確認に御前山に出かけてきました。今日は新宿駅の工事あることをすっかり忘れていて、奥多摩まで各駅停車を乗り継いで予定より遅めに 奥多摩湖にたどり着きました。今回は、初めて奥多摩湖南岸の遊歩道から小河内峠付近へ出て、惣岳山、御前山へと続く尾根上を歩いてきました。カタクリはま だ数輪咲いているだけで、見ごろにはあと10日ほどはかかりそうです。そのかわり、小河内峠付近の日当たりの良い尾根上でアケボノスミレとマキノスミレを 見つけることができました。まずはアケボノスミレからご紹介します。

Viola rossi (Akebono Sumire)
Pretty pink one.  きれいなピンク色のもの。

The spur is fat and short. Their leaves come out pretty late after the flower comes.

Whitish one.

The leaves are mostly rolled up still when they have flowers.

They like sunny area. That is a different character from Viola bisseti (Nagaba no sumire saishin), which likes shady wet place.

Here is the close-up of their stigma.

The flower buds.

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