May 4, 2007

Mt. Jinba from Fujino Sta. (May 3rd)

Wild wisteria at Fujino.

Today's course:
JR Fujino Sta. - Ichi-no-one ridge - Mt. Jinba (857 m) -Narako Pass - Narako ridge - JR Fujino Sta.

Today we went to climb Mt. Jinba for the first time. Fujino town is pretty beautiful place covered with spring green and you could see the wild wisteria flowers here and there in the mountains. Quite a few house yards also had the wisteria flowers, so we could even smell the sweet smell in the breeze. We climbed mostly under the hardwood forest, which had still early-spring soft green leaves. There weren't so many violets we could find, but there were lots of Disporum smilacinum (Chigo Yuri) flowers covered the ground under the forests. We had lunch at the top of Mt. Jinba, and then took another trail back to the Fujino station. Somehow, we both felt it was pretty easy hike all the way. We were back to the station early enough to get the free bus to a hot spring place, Higashiotaru-no-yu, which is runned by a hospital right next to it. The hot spring water is alkarine (ph 9.73) and the place is middle of no where surrounded by the mountains. We enjoyed the hot spring for 3 or 4 hours and then took the free bus back to the station and took trains back home.

藤野駅から 陣馬山に行ってきました。駅からほんの少し歩いただけで緑あふれる景色に囲まれる、想像以上に素敵なところでした。新緑の中、あちらこちらで藤の花が咲 いていました。スミレ類はあまり見られないようでしたが、新緑の足元では、チゴユリが地面を埋め尽くさんばかりに咲き競っていました。下山後、駅へ戻る途 中、無人販売所でコシアブラを購入して、駅から無 料の送迎バスに乗り、ふじの温泉「東尾垂の湯」で疲れを癒してきました。内湯は100%、源泉かけ流しらしく、肌がすっきりとする感じのとてもよい温泉 でした。

Disporum smilacinum (Chigo Yuri)

Viola phalacrocarpa (Akane Sumire)

The statue of horse at the top of Mt. Jinba.

Fujino Spa "Higashiotaru-no-yu".

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