February 21, 2010

Yugura Hot Spring, Oku Aizu, Fukushima (February 20th)

The road to Yugura Hot Spring.

After taking the Aizu bus back to the Aizu Kawaguchi Sta., we had lunch at the restaurant Ofukuro. And then we tried to get a taxi, but they wouldn't answer the phone. So, we started to walk to the Yugura Hot Spring. After a while, a young man stopped his car and gave us a ride to near the hot spring. After bathing in the Yugura Hot Spring, we walked back to Honna Sta. From there we took the train to Aizu Yokota Sta., where is close to our inn.

Yugura Hot Spring. Right by the Tadami River.

The inside of the building. It was pretty clean!

The inside of the bath.

The water was pretty hot.

The water was slightly beige.

This place was covered with brown stuff, too.

The water felt pretty smooth.

From the window of the bath.

Another view from the window. That is the bridge we crossed to get this hot spring.

We walked to Honna Sta. from the Yugura Hot Spring.
The snow was getting harder...

Honna Sta.

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