February 20, 2010

Hachimachi Hot Spring & Tamanashi Hot Spring, Oku Aizu, Fukushima (February 20th)

The view on the way from Aizu Kawaguchi Sta. to Hachimachi Hot Spring and Tamanashi Hot Spring.

After we arrived at Aizu Kawaguchi Sta. we started to walk to the first hot springs; Hachimachi (八町温泉) & Tamanashi (玉梨温泉) Hot Springs. We walked 20 or 30 minutes and then some woman stopped her car and gave us a ride to the hot springs! Rinding in the car, we both felt that it seemed much longer than it looked on the map.

Heavy snowfall around that area.

Another shot taken when we were walking from the station.

The sign of Hachimachi Hot Spring. The public bath is right down there.

Hachimachi Hot Spring.

The inside of the Hachimachi Hot Spring.
The bath is right there when you open the entrance door.

Hachimachi Hot Spring. They mix the water from the 2 different springs.
It felt really nice when we soaked in the hot water after walking (even for a little bit) in the snow.

Hachimachi Hot Spring. The water smelled like iron.

Hachimachi Hot Spring. The floor was covered with reddish brown stuff.

The view from the outside of the Hachimachi Hot Spring. We could see the Tamanashi Hot Spring across the river.

Crossing the river...on the way to Tamanashi Hot Spring. These 2 Hot Springs are located really close from each other.


Here is the sign at the end of the bridge. Tamanashi Hot Spring is right down there.

Tamanashi Hot Spring.

The inside of Tamanashi Hot Spring.

Tamanashi Hot Spring.
This water was really interesting. First, it smelt like iron like the one in Hachimachi Hot Spring. Second, when we just entered the water, it felt squeaky. When I checked the surface of the water closely, I found that something like oil was floating. Even the surface of the water basins was coated with oily stuff. Third, it contained CO2 gas. Especially the spot where the water comes out of the pipe, we could feel the bubbles.

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