February 21, 2010

Ooshio Hot Spring, Oku Aizu, Fukushima (February 20th)

Minshuku Tatsumi-sou. The owner came to the Aizu Yokota Sta. to pick us up.

From Honna Sta. we took the train to Aizu Yokota Sta. Then the owner of the inn, where we would stay that night, came to pick us up. We were the only guests there. After leaving our bags, we took a walk to find the well of natural sparking water in the neighborhood. We could find the well, but we forgot to bring some empty bottles with us. So, we just drank the water using the hands. It was really amazing! It tasted like Perrier! It was pretty interesting to see the water with bubbles come out from the bottom of the well!

Ooshio Hot Spring. Right by the inn we stayed. The inn has no bath, so we used this public bath for free.

The factory bottling the natural sparkling water.
The well was in the cedar forest near this building.

The well of the natural sparkling water.

Here is the sound of the sparkling water!

The well was right there.

Heavy snow around there.

On the way from the well to the inn.

The inside of the Ooshio Hot Spring.
The bath was down there.

The original temperatura of the spring is lower, so they warm up the water there.
It contains some CO2 gas, too.

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