February 20, 2010

Tadami Line, Aizu Area, Fukushima (February 20th)

Aizu Wakamatsu Sta.
We arrived there at 5:20 AM.

We went to the Aizu area for the first time to ride JR Tadami Line and to bathe in some hot springs. On Friday morning we decided to go there and made the inn and the bus tickets reserved. Here is the time table...

★February 19th, FRI & 20th, SAT.
Shinjuku New South Exit Bus Terminal (23:10 or so - bus - 5:20) Aizu Wakamatsu Sta. (5:59 - JR Tadami Line 8:02) Aizu Kawaguchi Sta. (8:30 - on foot and hitchhike - 9:10) Hachimachi Hot Spring & Tamanashi Hot Spring (11:44 - Aizu Bus - noon) Aizu Kawaguchi Sta. (Lunch, 12:40 - on foot and hitchhike - 13:25) Yugura Hot Spring (14:30 - on foot - 15:10) Honna Sta. (15:32 - Tadami Line - 15:45) Aizu Yokota Sta. (in the inn owner's car -15:55) Minshuku Tatsumi-sou by the public bath of Ooshio Hot Spring. We stayed at the inn on Saterday night.


The train we took in the morning from Aizu Wakamatsu Sta. to Aizu Kawaguchi Sta.

Another train on Tadami Line.
Snowing pretty hard!

One of the pictures I took through the train window.

Another shot through the window of the train.

The train runs following Tadami River.

Aizu Kawaguchi Sta. You can see the river by the platform.

The train we just got off at Aizu Kawaguchi Sta.

Here is the map of the area we traveled.
All of these hot springs are in Kaneyama Town in the Oku Aizu area.

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