February 5, 2010

Nogawa Park (February 6th))

Alcedo atthis (Kawasemi).

Today we went to Nogawa Park after lunch at a Ramen shop.
When we arrived the usual area in the park, I heard the high-pitch sound of a bird and we found a Alcedo atthis (Kawasemi) by one of the ponds there. It kept staying at the same area even after we were leaving. It was really windy and chilly day. Even the bird looked cold.

Alcedo atthis (Kawasemi).
Can you find it?

Alcedo atthis (Kawasemi).

Alcedo atthis (Kawasemi).
This one stayed for a long time by one of the ponds in the park.
We saw it jump in the water and catch a fish!

Alcedo atthis (Kawasemi).

Shibateranthis pinnatifida (Setsubun-sou).
I always get attracted to the beautiful yellow and blue colors in the center...

Prunus mume (Ume).
The old plum tree in the garden was blooming now.

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