November 22, 2012

Nippara in Okutama (November 18th)

Ginkgo (Ichou) tree turned yellow at a shrine near Okutama Sta.

      We went to see some fall colors in the Nippara area, Okutama, and in the Mitake area, Ome.  Here are the pictures taken in the Nippara area.  We walked from Higashi Nippara bus stop to Kawanori-bashi bus stop. 


The view from the bridge near Okutama Sta.

Inamura-iwa (rock) near Higashi Nippara bus stop.
The leaves are all gone near the top of the mountains.

We found some beautiful red maples here and there.

Interesting contrast of colors.

The brick-color leaves of Taxodium distichum (Raku-u-shou).


It felt nice to walk in the colorful leaves.


At Kawanori-bashi bus stop.

Lovely blue flower of Gentiana scabra var. buergeri (Rindou).

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