July 17, 2010

Comparison of 3 species of Leontopodium

When you click on the picture, you can see the original size.

I made some collage of the 3 species of Leontopodium.

Leontopodium fauriei (Hina Usuyukisou), which we found on Mt. Gassan in 2008, was smaller comparing to the other two kinds. The pictures were taken in August, so the flowers were not so fresh.

Leontopodium fauriei var. angustifolium (Hosoba Hina Usuyukisou), which we found on Mt. Shibutsu last weekend, has much narrower leaves.

Leontopodium discolor (Rebun Usuyukisou), which we found on Rebun Island last summer, has wider leaves than the other two.

There are more kinds of Leontopodium here in Japan. I wonder when we will see the new one next...


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