January 29, 2010

Hyakuhiro Waterfall, Okutama (January 24th)

Hyakuhiro-no-Taki (waterfall).

We went to see some ice of Hyakuhiro-no-Taki (waterfall) in Okutama area, Tokyo.
We took a bus to Kawanori-bashi BS from JR Okutama Sta. and walked by the creek for 2 hours or so. The waterfall was not frozen as much as we saw it 2 years ago.
It was nice day all day and we enjoyed hiking in the cold fresh air.

On the way to get to the trail.

Beautiful blue sky.

There are several waterfalls on the way to Hyakuhiro watarfall.

The trail was beside the creek.

Interesting forms of ice on Magnolia obovata (Hoo-no-ki) leaves.

Nice-looking waterfall.

When I slow down the shutter speed of the camera, the stream turned out to look interesting.

The wall of icicles.

The trail was covered with soft thick layers of fallen leaves.

Hyakuhiro waterfall.

The ice by the stream.

Hyakuhiro waterfall.

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