January 2, 2010

Yonezawa, Yamagata (January 2nd, Winter Trip Day 4)

Christmas Cactus, which my parents grow at home.

We left my parent's home early in the morning and my father gave us ride to the Funagata Sta.
We decided to go to Yonezawa and to take the train to Niigata prefecture from there.
We didn't make the exact plan about where to stay on that day yet.

Funagata Sta.

Yamagata Sta.

The JR Map.
We took Yonesaka line from Yonezawa to Sakamachi, Niigata.

Yonezawa Sta.
We had 2.5 hours there, so we walked and looked around the area.
However, it was snowy and windy and cold!

Uesugi Shrine.
"Uesugi" family is Samurai family, who established the bottom line of Yonezawa.

Uesugi Shrine.

Uesugi Shrine.
These marks with bamboo leaves and sparrows are the symbol of Uesugi family.

Uesugi Shrine.

Uesugi Shrine. There used to be a castle and Uesugi's residence at this place.

Quite a few people were there to pray for the happiness in New Year.

We took a taxi back to the Yonezawa station, and then we heard the announcement that the Yonesaka Line was not working because of the heavy snow. So, we had to take the bus instead which the JR prepared for the people who were planning to use this line.

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