January 1, 2010

Tsurunoyu Hot Spring, Akita (January 1st, Winter Trip Day 3)

New Year's Day at Tsurunoyu Hot Spring!

I got up early in the morning and bathed again.
The snow was getting deeper during the night.
When we had breakfast, they let us pick a lottery each and I won a bottle of Sake, and Daniel won a bottle of wine! After breakfast, we bathed once again before we leave. And then we took the bus back to the Tazawako Sta. From there we took a short ride of Shinkansen Komachi, a special express train, to Oomagari Sta. and then took a train to Shinjo Sta., where my mother was waiting to pick us up. I gave my father the Sake I won that morning.

(Day 3)
Tsurunoyu Hot Spring (11:10 - by the inn's bus - 11:30) Alpa Komakusa (11:43 - by bus - 12:15) Tazawako Sta. (12:40 or so - Shinkansen Komachi - 13:10) Oomagari Sta. (13:30 - 15:30) Shinjo Sta. - Funataga (Hometown).

Naka-no-yu bath... The ingrediants of the water made this interesting pattern on the floor.

Naka-no-yu bath.

Naka-no-yu bath.

The outside before we had the breakfast.

Osechi, Japanese traditional style of food on New Year's Day!
It took a whole hour to eat them all.

They gave us some Ozouni (Rice cake soup) and a little bit of Sake, too!

Tsuru-no-yu bath... This outside one was really good!

Shiro-no-yu bath.
One of the baths they have.

Shiro-no-yu bath.

Shiro-no-yu bath.
You can see lots of Yunohana.

Kuro-no-yu bath.

Kuro-no-yu bath.

The path right beside the Tsuru-no-yu bath.

Tsuru-no-yu bath.
It was pretty quiet in the morning.


This one is by the outside one, so it felt great after bathing the outside one.

Tsuru-no-yu bath.

Tsuru-no-yu bath.

Tsuru-no-yu bath.



The downstairs of our building.

Just before we left the hot spring.
We decided to come here again in summer for trekking.

Akita Shinkansen Komachi at Tazawako Sta.

Bento bought at Oomagari Sta. for lunch.

Nozoki Sta. on the way to Shinjo.

Just arrived at Shinjo Sta.
The snow and wind was really strong on the way to there.

The Sake I won at Tsurunoyu hot spring.

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