January 2, 2010

Yonesaka Line and Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata (January 2nd, Winter Trip Day 4)

From the inside of the bus from Yonezawa Sta. to Imaizumi Sta.

Because of the heavy snow, we had to take the bus the JR prepared.
The bus stopped at a few stations and got to Imaizumi Sta. and from there we took the train on Yonesaka Line to Sakamachi Sta. The train schedule was messed up all the way to Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata. From Urasa Sta. we took Shinkansen instead of the local train, because they were not sure when it would start again. At Echigo Yuzawa, we found the information center and asked the man to search for the place to stay. He found a nice Minshuku, smaller inn, for us. The inn had the hot spring bath, too!

(Day 4)
Funagata Sta. (6:03 - around 8:00) Yonezawa Sta. (10:30 - by bus -11:30) Imaizumi Sta. (11:38 - 13:15) Sakamachi Sta. (13:30 - 14:30) Niigata Sta. (15:05 - 16:25) Nagaoka Sta. (16:30 - 18:00) Urasa Sta. (18:17 - by Shinkansen - 18:29) Echigo Yuzawa Sta. - stayed at the Minshuku "Miyata".

On the way to Imaizumi Sta.

The view from the bus...pretty snowy...

Couldn't see far... mostly all white.

Imaizumi Sta.

That is the bus from Yonezawa to Imaizumi.

The train to Sakamachi at Imaizumi Sta.

Imaizumi Sta. on Yonesaka Line.

Imaizumi Sta.

Gyuuniku Domannaka Bento bought at Yonezawa Sta.
It tasted pretty good! We had had this a few times before.

The snow dump on Yonesaka Line.

Really stormy outside on the way to Sakamachi.

It stopped snowing after entering Niigata prefecture.

Kirakira-Uetsu train at Sakamachi Sta.

The view from the train from Nagaoka Sta.
These areas are major skiing areas.

The train kept stopping from Nagaoka...and finally we managed to get to Echigo Yuzawa Sta.

Echigo Yuzawa Sta.
We got a room reserved 5 minutes afeter we got out the station! Nice!

The view from our room.

Our room turned out to be an attic!!
There was Kotatsu and electric carpet, too!

We had Kenchin-jiru (a kind of vegetalian soup) for supper at Miraku-jaya (味らく茶屋) in front of the station.

They keep cute black cats at the restaurant.

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