January 26, 2008

Hyakuhiro Waterfall, Okutama (January 26th)

Hyakuhiro waterfall.

Today we walked beside the creek from Kawanori-bashi bus stop up to Hyakuhiro waterfall to see if the waterfall was frozen yet. The Okutama holiday special express train had much less people than usually. Some of the cars were practically empty. Not many people wanted to come outside in this cold weather. After we passed Oume sta. we could see some snow outside of the windows. When we started to walk from Kawanori -bashi bus stop, the trail was frozen and slippery. On the way to the waterfall we found lots of icicles and candle ice, but most of the waterfalls were just a little bit frozen. However, the biggest one around that area, Hyakuhiro waterfall was pretty much frozen. It was so amazing that it looked quite different from what we saw in last November. It was -2℃ or so around there. By the time we finished our lunch near the waterfall, we were both half frozen, but the frozen waterfall was so picturesque that we kept taking some more pictures after lunch, and then went back to the bus stop.


The mountains with snow.

Footprints of some creature.

The trail was mostly covered with snow.

Icicles under the trees.

Interesting shapes of ice formed under the dripping water.

Wall of icicles.

This creek is pretty beautiful and fun to walk beside.

Hyakuhiro waterfall. You can compare this with what we saw in last November.
百尋の滝。 (昨年11月の様子はこちらから。)


Another close-up.

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