May 31, 2009

Kusatsu, Gunma (May 29th - 31st)

Sai-no-kawara in Kusatsu. The hot spring water runs in the river.
You can see the steam in this picture.

Here are some pictures taken near the center of the Kusatsu town.
There are more than a dozen of small public bath for the local people, which are also available for the visitors like us. This area has several hot springs, so you can enjoy different kinds of water depends on each bath. Most of them are really hot and strong acid. So you have to be careful not to bathe for too long.

One of the local public bath.

The inside of the bath above. It was really hot, so we can't even move in the bath, because the tiny movement of the hot water made us feel even hotter.

Our favorite restaurant near Yubatake, named 'Dan'.
This one is the pork ginger set. The pork is really thick and tasty!

At the same restaurant, I ordered the Tuna Sashimi set on the second day.
Some part of the tuna tasted like so-called 'Toro'.

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