May 7, 2009

Mt. Nyuukasayama, Nagano (May 3rd)

At the summit of Mt. Nyuukasayama.
(Yatsugatake on the backside.)

From YH, we walked about 30 minutes or so to the cable car station to Mt. Nyuukasayama.
There were lots of bikers, who went up by the cable car and rode the bicycles down. It was too early for the flowers, we even saw some snow left up there. But the view from the top was really amazing. You can see 360 degree view from the summit. The place is surrounded with lots of high mountains. We found even Mt. Fuji vaguely too!

On the way to the cable car station.

You can see Yatsugatake near the YH, too.

From the inside of the cable car.

Chuuou Alps including Mt. Kiso Komagatake.

About 120 degree panorama from the top.
You can make this bigger if you click on the picture.


Luehdorfia puziloi (Hime Gifuchou).
When I looked for the Latin name, I found some websites of somebody really disgusting! They shows the records of hunting this kind of butterflies. Really sick! This kind is protected here and there in Japan. How could somebody do that kind of stuff!

Around Fujimi area, you could still see some cherry blossoms.

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