May 16, 2009

Kamosawa - Mt. Kumotori (May 15th)

Beautiful greens from Kamosawa BS.

Today's course: JR Okutama Sta. (8:45) - bus - Kamosawa BS (9:20 -9:45) - on foot - Kosode (10:15) - trail in the forest - Doudoko (a small flat place, 12:00) - Mt. Nanatsuishi (13:30 - lunch - 14:00) - Okutamagoya Hut (15:00) - Mt. Kumotori (16:30) - stayed at the hut on the summit.

We went to Mt. Kumotori today. We usually carry a tent with us, but this time we decided to stay at the hut on the summit. At the beginning of the trail we saw some deer and monkeys. The greens were really beautiful all the way, too. Around Mt. Nanatsuishi and Mt. Kumotori, larch leaves were just starting to come out and we found quite a few Viburnum furcatum (Mushikari, Ookamenoki) flowers. In the evening we saw lots of deer, Cervus nippon (Nihon-jika) at the summit of Mt. Kumotori and also we happened to see a Martes melampus melampus (Hondo-ten) passing in the light of our flashlight. It was pretty cute one with yellowish orangish fur. The summit was covered with clouds in the night and got really cold.

Green leaves.

Cervus nippon (Nihon-jika).
It looks like a scene from "Princess Mononoke".

Macaca fuscata (Nihon-zaru).
We saw a group of mokeys including some kid ones. This one was pretty quiet and just sat down there for a while.

On the way to Doudoko.

Maple leaves.

Can you see the white Mt. Fuji?

The view of the trail up to Mt. Kumotori from the top of Mt. Nanatsuishi.

The top of Mt. Nanatsuishi.
The spring is just starting now up there.

The trail to Mt. Kumotori with larch forest.

Viburnum furcatum (Mushikari, Ookamenoki).

Viburnum furcatum (Mushikari, Ookamenoki).

Japanese larch.

Viburnum furcatum (Mushikari, Ookamenoki).

Larch forest with blue sky.

A view from the place on the way to Mt. Kumotori.

Parus ater (Higara).

Tarsiger cyanurus (Ruri-bitaki).

Tarsiger cyanurus (Ruri-bitaki).

The hut on the summit of Mt. Kumotori, where we stayed.

Cherry blossoms were still blooming at the top of Mt. Kumotori.

Tarsiger cyanurus (Ruri-bitaki).

Mt. Kumotori.

Cervus nippon (Nihon-jika).

Cervus nippon (Nihon-jika).

Cervus nippon (Nihon-jika).

Our shadows when we stood at the top of Mt. Kumotori.

View from the top of Mt. Kumotori.

After the sunset.

Cervus nippon (Nihon-jika).
It is not an alien.

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