May 5, 2009

Shinano-sakai and Fujimi, Nagano (May 2nd)

Shinano-sakai Station.

When we got to Shinano-sakai Station, we had a little trouble. They can't accept the Pasmo card. I got some information that there are lots of violets around this area, but we couldn't find many violets there. Anyway, it was pretty nice day and we walked around the area just in T-shirts. After that we headed to Fujimi Station and walked about 30 minutes to Nyuukasayama Shitsugen YH. There was some hot spring near the hostel, so we went to enjoy the hot bath. It was middle of no where, but the sound of the frogs at night was amazing. It reminded both of us of our own hometowns.

A shirine near the Shinano-sakai Station.

Viola rossi (Akebono Sumire).

Viola phalacrocarpa (Akane Sumire).

Viola rossi (Akebono Sumire).

An old tunnel for the railroad.

Trillium tschonoskii f. violaceum (Murasaki Enrei-sou).

Viola eizanensis (Eizan Sumire).

Fujimi Station.

Nyuukasayama Shitsugen YH.

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