May 16, 2009

Mt. Kumotori - Nippara, Okutama (May 16th)

The hut on the top of Mt. Kumotori.

Today's course:
Mt. Kumotori (6:00) - Mt. Nanatsuishi (7:30) - Mt. Takamaru (8:15) - Mt. Hikage-naguri-hou (9:20) - Mt. Takanosu (10:30) - Nippara (13:50) - Higashi Nippara BS (14:50) - bus - JR Okutama Sta. - Moegi-no-yu hot spring.

This morning the summit of Mt. Kumotori was covered with clouds. The temprature was about 4 degrees. We couldn't get any clear view almost all the way to Mt. Nanatsuishi, but we found quite a few of Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire) flowers. We found this kind of violet for the first time. We picked some Pteridium aquilinum (Warabi) sprouts. You can't eat them raw, but it tastes pretty good after cooking properly.

Forest in the clouds.

A shadow dissapearing into the clouds.

It looked different from the day before.

Viburnum furcatum (Mushikari, Oo-kame-no-ki).

Larch young leaves with dew.

Mt. Takamaru.

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).
It is hairy in side of the flower, and you can't usually see the inside of the flower.

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).
We found some bigger ones hiding under the leaves of Ligularia dentata (Marubadakebuki).
I wonder that they like to grow at such a place because deer don't eat Ligularia dentata (Marubadakebuki).

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).
The leave stem has lots of hair.

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).
The flower colors are whitish purple with purple veins all over.

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).

Viola hirtipes (Sakura Sumire).

Mt. Takanosu.

Pretty steep way continued from the summit of Mt. Takanosu to Nippara.
We saw quite a few people comming up to Mt. Takanosu, but I wouldn't even try this trail to go up...

The trail was pretty hard, but the forest was really amazing.

Acer japonicum (Hauchiwa-kaede).

Fagus crenata (Buna, Japanese Beech).

The rock named Inamura-iwa.

On the way down from Inamura-iwa to Nippara.

Nippara River.


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