October 17, 2007

Showa Kinen Park, Nishi Tachikawa (October 18th)

The Hill of Cosmos.

Today I went to see cosmos flowers in Showa Kinen Park, Nishi Tachikawa. Lots of kinds of cosmos flowers were blooming. The main patch of cosmos flowers there was in peak.


First of all, I had some sweets bought at Tachikawa sta. on the way.
立川駅エキュート内で買ったTokyo Sweets Factoryの奥沢ロールとエクレアでまずは腹ごしらえ。

Cosmos "Diabolo"

Cosmos "Orange Campus"

Cosmos "Yellow Campus"

Cosmos "Crimson Campus"

Cosmos "Deep Red Campus"

Another kind of yellow cosmos.

Cosmos "Hinomaru"

Cosmos "Orange Flare"

Cosmos "Double Click"

Cosmos "Double Click"

Cosmos "Double Click"

Yellow cosmos flowers.

At the Japanese garden there. The maple leaves were starting to turn red.

Osmanthus asiaticus (Ginmokusei)

This cat was at the entrance of the Japanese garden last time, too.

Cosmos "Yellow Garden"

Graphium sarpedon (Aosuji Ageha)

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