October 7, 2007

Hakone Trip (Day Two) (October 7th)

Hakone Lake Villa Youth Hostel.

Today's course:
YH - by bus - Motohakone - by Izu Hakone bus - Hakone-en bus stop - Ropeway - Mt. Komagatake - on foot - Mt. Kamiyama -Oowakudani - Ropeway -Souunzan sta. - Cable car - Gora sta. - Hakone Tozan Railroad - Hakone-yumoto sta. - by train - Shinjuku sta. - Musashisakai sta.
(From Motohakone to Hakone-en and the ropeway upto Mt. Komagatake, the Odakyuu Hakone Free Pass doesn't cover, so you have to pay those costs.)

In the morning I took the hot spring in the youth hostel again before the breakfast. And then we left for Motohakone to take the bus to Hakone-en. We took the ropeway upto Mt. Komagatake. The view from there was extremely wonderful. You can see Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi and even the ocean far away. I think we did see even Enoshima, too. We found quite a few kinds of autumn flowers up there. The trail from there to Oowakudani was pretty tough, but the view of Oowakudani from the other side was interesting. It seemed there were more people than the day before. We got the seats in the train back home from Hakone-yumoto sta. and slept well at that night.


The view of Lake Ashi from the top of Mt. Komagatake.

Mt. Fuji from Mt. Komagatake.

Aconitum japonicum var. hakonense (Hakone Torikabuto)

Aconitum japonicum var. hakonense (Hakone Torikabuto)

Gentiana scabra var. buergeri (Rindou)

Swertia japonica (Senburi)

Maple leaves started to get autumn color.


Mysterious view of Oowakudani.

Oowakudani from the ropeway.

The view from the ropeway.

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Fotavtryck i Asien said...

So what animals could you see there?

I always wonder what kind of animals live in the nature in hakone nationalpark...