October 7, 2007

Hakone Trip (Day One) (October 6th)

Autumn collage near the Souunzan sta of Hakone cable car.

Today's course:
Musashisakai sta. - Shinjuku sta. - Odakyuu line -Hakone-yumoto sta. - Hakone Tozan railroad - Gora sta. - Hakone cable car - Souunzan sta. - Ropeway - Oowakudani sta. -Ropeway -Tougendai sta. - by bus - Sengoku-kougen BS - by bus - Tougendai sta. - Ship -Motohakone port - on foot - Hakone Lake Villa YH.
(Recommend to get Hakone Free Pass of Odakyuu company, which covers all those transportation costs for 2 days by 5000 yen from Shinjuku for example.)

We went to Hakone on this weekend. The Oowakudani, where lots of ejection holes of sulfur are blowing off smoke, is pretty famous spot for the visitors in the Hakone area. There were lots of people there and they all had black boiled eggs cooked in hot spring. The eggs are originally normal white, but sulfur in the hot spring turns the eggshells into black. We ate some too and got another bag of them for beer snack in the evening. Then we took ropeway down to Tougendai sta. and headed to Sengoku-kougen, where is famous for its huge Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki, Japanese silver grass) field. Lots of people there, too. However, it was pretty amazing view to see that huge area covered with the grass waving in the breeze. It was really beautiful. Then we were back to the Tougendai and took the ship to Motohakone port. On the ship there were lots of foreigners as if nearly half of the passengers were foreigners. We had supper at Motohakone and walked to the youth hostel, which has hot spring. It felt so nice to soak in the hot spring after the long traveling day.


Tiny hint of autumn color in the maple tree.

Oowakudani. Smoke smelled like sulfur.

Black boiled egg at Oowakudani.

After 2 hours they picks up the eggs, which turn into black.

Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki, Japanese silver grass)
at Sengokuhara.

It was so huge area covered with this kind of grass.

The silver grass in the sun.


Lake Ashi, Mt. Komagatake.

Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi.

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