October 4, 2007

Jindaiji, Chofu (October 4th)

Water wheel at a corner of Jindaiji.

Today I went to Jindaiji to see if any Soba (buckwheat) flowers blossoming yet. Jindaiji is famous for its Soba noodles. There are lots of Soba shops nearby. First I went to Kitarou-Chaya (a kind of cafe) and ate my favorite soft ice cream, which has nice Japanese pear flavor, and then I went to the aquatic floral garden. There were lots of red flowers of Lycoris radiata (Higanbana or Manjushage) beside the harvested rice field. I have been there so many times before, but I didn't know I could see so many of them there. Then I went up to the buckwheat field up from there. Buckwheat flowers were also in full blossom. Quite a few butterflies were flying around and sucking the nectar from the flowers. At the end of the short trip to Jindaiji I stopped by a Soba shop and had some buckwheat noodles with stewed herring on top. They just started using this year's buckwheat flour, so the noodles tasted a little tiny bit sweeter and nice Soba fragrance.


Pear ice cream.

Impatiens textori (Tsurifunesou)

Aster ageratoides var. ovatus (Nokon Giku) with Licaena phlaeas (Benishijimi).

Lycoris radiata (Higanbana or Manjushage)

Lycoris radiata (Higanbana or Manjushage) beside the harvested rice field.

Buckwheat (Soba) flowers with Licaena phlaeas (Benishijimi).

Buckwheat field.

Soba noodles with stewed herring. I ate this at the outside.

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