June 13, 2016

Road Trip to Fairbanks, Day 8, Part 1 (May 31st)

Grus canadensis (Sandhill Crane).

Here is the first bunch of the pictures taken on Day 8 of our road trip.
We enjoyed a lot of nice views of mountains and wild animals on that day.

(Day 8)
A little south from Fort Nelson (5:28) - a hawk and a couple of sandhill cranes - Fort Nelson (6:20 - 7:02) - a deer and 2 caribous - Summit Lake (9:12) -  a Bighorn Sheep and 2 caribous - Toad River (10:01) - a young moose and a Bighorn Sheep - Muncho Lake (10:55 - 11:15) - a Bighorn Sheep - Liard River Hot Springs (12:20) - We enjoyed soaking in the hot spring water a couple of times.

Wonder what kind of hawk this is... 

Near Fort Nelson.
There was a river running through Fort Nelson, so 
deep fog covered the area in the morning.

Alaska Highway.

Black spruce forest.

On the way to Summit Lake.

Lots of snow there.
The road worker said that it had snowed three days before.

There were road work areas here and there,
so we had to drive on the gravels. 

Rangifer tarandus caribou (Caribou).

Summit Lake.

Summit Lake.

Summit Lake.

This area had really amazing views.

Ovis canadensis (Bighorn Sheep). 

Ovis canadensis (Bighorn Sheep). 
It was so close to us.

The sheep enjoyed this wonderful view, too.

A beautiful folded mountain.

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