June 19, 2016

Road Trip to Fairbanks, Day 12 (June 4th)

On the way to the U.S./Canada Border for the last time during this trip.

Here is the pictures taken on the last day of our road trip from Oregon to Fairbanks, Alaska.
My partner did all the driving all the way during our trip and I just kept taking pictures and navigated (a little bit).
It was really amazing to meet all the friends and encounter wild animals, birds and flowers.
The diversity of the nature attracted me!

(Day 12)
Lake Creek Campground (5:52) - Snag Jct. - Beaver Creek (6:52) - Canada Customs (6:58) - U.S. Customs (7:24) - Northway Jct. (8:15) - Tetlin Jct. (9:04) - Tok (9:20 - 9:40) - Moon Lake (10:07) - Dot Lake (10:50) - Delta Jct. (11:52) - a couple of moose - entering Fairbanks North Star Borough (12:28) - Birch Lake (12:39) - Harding Lake (12:53) - Eielson A.F.B. (13:12) - North Pole (13:22) - Fairbanks (13:40 - visited a car dealer about the number plate) - Home (15:00).

Through the driver's window.

Near the U.S./Canada Border after Beaver Creek.

Arnica angustifolia ssp. angustifolia (Narrow-leaved Arnica).

Arnica angustifolia ssp. angustifolia (Narrow-leaved Arnica).

Rosa acicularis ssp. sayi (Prickly Wild Rose).

Rosa acicularis ssp. sayi (Prickly Wild Rose).

Getting closer to Tok.

After passing Delta Jct., there was a big forest fire area.

After Delta Jct. we found a few moose.

It was right by the highway.

The Santa House in North Pole.

Finally we got home!

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