June 16, 2016

Road Trip to Fairbanks, Day 10 (June 2nd)

Rosa rugosa (Japanese rose, or Ramanas rose)?
We found it by the sea at Haines, Alaska. 

Here are the pictures taken on Day 10 of our road trip.
The scenery in Haines was amazing!
We saw some bald eagles, too

(Day 10)
Tagish Campground (6:08) - Carcross (6:39) - Bove Island (7:00) - Canada Customs (7:56) - Fraser - entering Alaska (8:04, the i-phone clock changed to Alaska time, which was 7:04) - U.S. Customs (8:20, which means 7:20 in Alaska time) - Skagway, Alaska (7:27, Alaska time) - Ferry (9:15 - 10:50, the fare was 109.00 USD for two people and a rig) - Haines, Alaska (We stayed at our friend's place).


On the way to Carcross from Tagish.


The view from a bridge in Carcross.

The Bove Island.

The U.S. Customs.

Skagway.  This is the end of Klondike Highway
and the transferring spot for the railroad and the ferries.  

We were aboard with our rig in the ship.

We had nice breakfast on the ship.
The ship has showers, too, but we found them a little too late.
So, after breakfast, we just enjoyed the view from the deck.

Looking back toward Skagway... I think...

We were getting closer to Haines.

The view from the street in front of our friend's place in Haines.
The colors of sky and the sea were so amazing!

Rubus parviflorus (Thimbleberry).

Rubus parviflorus (Thimbleberry).


Rosa rugosa (Japanese rose, or Ramanas rose) in Haines.

At the American Bald Eagle Foundation in Haines.
One of the bald eagles which got injured and rescued.

Here is a "tourist" shot!

There is a bald eagle!

Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle).

Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle).

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