September 18, 2009

To Toyama (September 18th) 《Silver Week Trip Day 1》

The train from Okaya Sta. to Nagano Sta.

September 21st, 22nd and 23rd were holidays here in Japan, so if you have Saturday off then you have 5 days off in row. That is why they call "Silver Week" like "Golden Week" in May nowadays. We had Friday off, too, so we got 6 days off.
In this Silver Week, we went to Mt. Tateyama area in Toyama and Shirakawa-gou in Gifu.
We have never been to both of the prefectures, so it was really exciting for us!

(Day 1)
Musashi-sakai Sta. (5:21) - Takao Sta. (5:57 - 6:14) - Okaya Sta. (9:05 - 9:08) - Nagano Sta. (10:45 - lunch - 11:24) - Naoetsu (12:58 - 13:12) - Toyama (15:11) - Hotel α1.

Obasute Sta. on the way to Nagano.
From the station you can see the nice view.
"Obasute" (aka. "Ubasute") refers to the custom allegedly performed in Japan in the distant past, whereby an infirm or elderly relative was carried to a mountain, or some other remote, desolate place, and left there to die.
This kind of theme has left its mark on Japanese folklore.

The Obasute station is on a switchback.
The station is on the left side and The way to Nagano is on the right side.

The lunch at Nagano Sta.
"Shinshuu Teramachi Bentou"(信州寺町弁当) was pretty decent one, which has stewed beef, Tempura of apricot, pork cutlet rice rolls, etc...most of them are the products from Nagano prefecture.

The train from Nagano to Naoetsu.

The sign of Naoetsu Sta.
From here we took the line of JR West Japan.
The green lines means that the line is run by JR East, and the blue color means that the line is run by JR West.

The train to Toyama has also the blue color.

Portram (Toyama Light Rail) in front of the JR Toyama Sta.
Toyama has quite a few kinds of public transportation.

The street car run by Toyama Chihou Rail, which runs in the city of Toyama.

Toyama Castle Park.

Toyama is famous for its fresh fish.
Here is the Sashimi dish we had for supper.
The billfish wrapped with kelp (Kobu-shime) is one of the local specialty in Toyama.
It tasted pretty decent.

Shiro-ebi (Pasiphaea japonica, Glass Shrimp) is one of the famous fish in Toyama.

Uokaji Honten (魚嘉時本店).
The restraurant we had supper.
The price was not really low...but the food was pretty good.

We found the floor in one of the shopping building, which shows the local industry in Toyama. For example, the medicines like above.
Toyama is famous for its unique system of medicine seller. They leave a box of several kinds of medicines at each home and once in a while visit there again to check what the customers used and get paid, and then change the old medicine to the new one.
When I was child, my family used the same style of medicine seller...and they still use the same old package designs, so it was really interesting to see the packages again.

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