September 20, 2009

Mt. Tateyama Area, Toyama (September 20th) 《Silver Week Trip Day 3》

The sunrise near the hut.

When we got up in the morning and went out to see the sunrise, it was only 4 degrees and it was also windy and really cold. It was even clearer on that day and we saw Mt. Fuji, too.

《Day 3》
Kuranosuke-sansou Hut (Breakfast, 5:45 - 6:45) - Mt. Bessan (8:00) - Jigoku-dani (12:15) - Mikuriga-ike Hot Spring (13:00 - 14:00) - Murodou (15:00 - 16:00) - Toyama Sta. (18:45 - 19:37) - JR Takayama Line - Inotani Sta. (20:30 - 20:33) - Hida Hosoe Sta. (21:10) - Hida Furukawa YH.

Mt. Fuji.

Fuji-no-oritate and Kuranosuke Kar (cirque).

Mt. Bessan.

Toyama City and Toyama Bay.

Mt. Bessan.
There was no clouds above us.

Raichou-zawa Camp site.

Campanula lasiocarpa (Iwa Gikyou).

On the way to Mt. Bessan.

Mt. Fuji and Kuranosuke-sansou Hut.

Mt. Oyama, Mt. Oonanji, Mt. Masago and the hut.
You could see Mt. Fuji far away too.

The top of Mt. Bessan.

Mt. Tsurugidake.

Nucifraga caryocatactes (Hoshi-garasu, Spotted Nutcracker).

Mt. Tsurugidake from the North Peak of Mt. Bessan.

Mt. Tsurugidake Panorama.

We found a tiny patch of ice candles near Mt. Bessan.

Another Panorama of Mt. Tsurugidake.

Beautiful autumn colors.

The red carpet of Geum pentapetalum (Chinguruma).

Mt. Tateyama with fall colors.

Mt. Tateyama on the way down to Murodou.

Gentiana makinoi (Oyama Rindou).

Jigoku-dani (地獄谷).

Jigoku-dani (地獄谷).

Mikuriga-ike Hot Spring.
The water was whitish one with strong acidity.

Mt. Tateyama and Mikuriga-ike Pond.

The crowd in the Murodou Terminal.

On the way back to Toyama Sta. by bus... We were in the sea of clouds we had looked down from the ridges of Mt. Tateyama.

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