September 19, 2009

Mt. Tateyama Area, Toyama (September 19th) 《Silver Week Trip Day 2》

Toyama Sta. early in the morning.

Today we headed for Mt. Tateyama area.

《Day 2》
Toyama Sta. (6:00) - by bus run by Alpen-mura Tourist - Murodou Bus Terminal (室堂, 8:20) - Mt. Oyama (雄山, 3003 m) - Mt. Oonanji (大汝山, 3015 m) - Mt. Masagodake (真砂岳, 2861 m) - Kuranosuke-sansou Hut (内蔵助山荘).

Mt. Tsurugidake from the bus to Murodou.
From Toyama, you can use the train, cable car and bus to Murodou, but there are some buses running directly from Toyama Sta. to Murodou. Alpen-mura bus is one of them, but the guide kept speaking loudly all the way to Murodou, which was really annoying! We took the bus of Toyama Chihou Rail on the way back home the next day. That one was much quieter and nicer actually.

In front of the Murodou Terminal.
Mt. Tateyama is on the background.

Mt. Tateyama.

Aconitum hakusanense (Hakusan Torikabuto).

Mikuriga-ike pond and Mt. Tateyama.

Autumn color was just starting.

It was cloudy at the bottom of the mountain, but it was sunny when we got to the area around Murodou.

Murodou Plateau above the clouds.

Leontopodium japonicum var. shiroumense (Mine Usuyuki-sou).

Beautiful sky and amazing scenery.

From Ichi-no-koshi to Mt. Oyama.

We were walking between the clouds.
(The guy is total stranger.)

Geum calthaefolium var. nipponicum (Miyama Daikon-sou).

Mt. Kasagatake?

The sea of clouds.

Gentiana algida (Touyaku Rinodou).

Mt. Ryuuou, Mt. Yakushi, Mt. Kasagatake, etc... The mountains of North Alps.

The view from the place on the way to Mt. Oyama.

At the summit of Mt. Oyama.
Oyama shrine.

You can see Mt. Tsurugidake.

Mt. Tsurugidake, Mt. Masagodake and Mt. Oonanji.

I couldn't stop taking bunch of picutures... The view was so amazing!

Uncinus? (鉤状雲?)

Lake Kurobe.

The summit of Mt. Oonanji.

The rocks around there was whitish gray.

Mt. Tsurugidake and Mt. Masagodake.

Kuranosuke-sansou Hut.

The sign on the way to Mt. Masagodake.

The top of Mt. Masagodake.


The supper at the hut.
It wasn't too crowded at the hut on that day.
We called 3 other huts before we got the reservation at this one.
Other huts seemed really crowded during this Silver Week.

Beautiful sunset was waiting right after the supper.

Pink sunset clouds and the sea of clouds.

I saw the lights of Toyama bay through the sea of clouds.
At night we saw beautiful stars... A lot of them! Even Milky way!

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