September 21, 2009

Shirakawagou, Gifu (September 21st) 《Day 4》

Hida Hosoe Sta.
The owner of the YH drove us to the station after breakfast.

We went to Takayama Sta. by train in the morning and took bus from there to Shirakawa-gou, where we had wanted to visit for several years. Near the place, there was a traffic jam and it took 2 hours or so from Takayama Sta. There were lots of visitors there. We saw quite a few old grass-roof houses. After looking around the area, we were back to the Takayama area and stayed at Tenshou-ji YH run by a temple, which was really nice and comfortable with hot bath and clean toilet.

《Day 4》
Hida Hosoe Sta. (7:34) - by train - Takayama Sta. (8:02 - 8:50) - by bus - Shirakawagou (10:45 - 14:50) - by bus - Takayama Sta. (16:40) - Hida Takayama Tenshou-ji YH.

Hida Hosoe Sta.
From Inotani Sta. the JR company changes from JR West to JR Toukai.

The train from Hida Hosoe to Takayama.

Takayama Sta.

Grass-roof houses in Shirakawagou.

Lots of visitors.

The rice fields were beautiful with yellow color.

Myozenji Temple.

Myozenji Temple.

Myozenji Museum.

Houba-miso, the sweet Miso cooked on the leaf of Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, which is one of the local food around this area.

Trouts were in the canals.

You can see the inside of the grass-roof house, too.

Lines of people on the bridge at Shirakawagou.

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