August 9, 2009

Wakkanai to Mt. Daisetsu via Asahikawa (August 9th) 《Summer Trip Day 8th》

Hara Kashi-ho at Otoineppu.
The train from Wakkanai stopped here for a while.

Today we left Wakkanai for Asahikawa and then took the bus to another YH near Mt. Asahidake of Mt. Daisetsu. There were lots of French people at the hostel.

《Day 8》
Wakkanai Sta. (6:24) - Nayoro Sta. (10:21 - 11:06) - Asahikawa Sta. (12:55) - lunch (Ramen noodles of course!) and did laundry - bus (15:30 -) - Daisetsuzan Shirakaba-sou YH (17:15).

The huge salmon-shaped Miso bread bought at the shop above.

Buckwheat field.

Hokusei Station... The name means North Star... What a lovely name!

Hachiya Ramen Shop at Asahikawa...lots of people in the line.

I had Miso soup one and Daniel had Soy sauce one.
The broth has strong fish flavor, so I think the soy sauce one taste better.

Tenninkyou with interesting rocks on the way to the hostel.

Tenninkyou Bus Stop. Pretty simple schedule, eh?

Mt. Asahidake from the entrance of the hostel.

Daisetsuzan Shirakaba-sou YH.

Mt. Asahidake from the cable car station at the bottom.

The supper at the hostel...we both got full with all the nice food.

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