August 11, 2009

Back to Honshu Island (August 11th) 《Summer Trip Day 10》

The Daisetsuzan YH has hot spring, too!
I got up early in the morning and took this picture.

We first planned to stay at this hostel one night, but they had nice food and hot spring baths, so we ended up to stay one more night. This day we went back to Honshu Island... We were in Hokkaido for a week. We definitely want to come to this place again!

Here is the picture of another bath of the YH.

The Mt. Asahidake Cable Car.
Can you see the workers on the roof?

Another Asahikawa Ramen!
We had lunch at Baikouken near the station.
We had soy sauce soup one with slices of pork. We had tried 3 different Ramen shops at Asahikawa, and this one is my favorite of all.

We didn't have to wait so long, but when we came out of the shop, there were lots of people in line!

Another line here... This one is the line of people waiting for the express train "Hamanasu" in the Sapporo station.

The express "Hamanasu" from Sapporo to Aomori.

Another sign of the express "Hamanasu".

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